Janusz Walus and parole for prisoners serving life sentences in South Africa: the weaknesses of the court’s decision

"The court held that Walus’ sentence is governed by the 1959 Correctional Services Act. But, both in the 1959 Act and in the 1998 Act, the court does not have the power to release a lifer on parole"

By Jamil Mujuzi- Professor of Law, University of Cape Town 2 days ago

If Democrats prevail during the midterms, TV advertising might have something to do with it

It might seem odd to credit old-fashioned television advertising in this digital era. But television advertising does win votes – and it might make the difference in 2022

By John M. Sides -Professor in the Department of Political Science, Vanderbilt University 25 days ago

Vaccines could be a game-changer in the fight against malaria in Africa

The development of an effective vaccine for malaria has proved to be far more challenging than developing a vaccine to protect people from COVID-19. Several different COVID-19 vaccines were developed and approved for use within a year of the disease’s emergence.In contrast, it took over 30 years of intensive research and numerous clini...

By Jaishree Raman - National Institute for Communicable Diseases about 1 month ago

Rishi Sunak: is it legitimate for the Conservatives to continue in government without an election? A constitutional scholar explains

Sunak is the fifth prime minister since 2016 and the third since the last election. So his assessment that his presence needs an explanation is correct

By Stephen Clear- Bangor University about 1 month ago

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