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Nelson Mandela’s personal items under the hammer in New York? Why it outraged some, and what’s at stake

An identity document, a pair of reading glasses, a hearing aid and a pair of worn shoes, these are just some of Nelson Mandela’s personal items that were due to go on auction on 22 February 2024.

By Neo Poho 2 months ago

Recreating icons: Dream Catchers Academy dress up as inspiring black women to raise funds for their school

Empowering young girls through dance and creativity, Dream Catchers Academy in Lagos is breaking barriers to provide free education for those who need it most. Check out their latest project, recreating iconic Black women, to raise funds for the school

By Lindelwa Masuku about 1 year ago

Regina Twala was a towering intellectual and activist in Eswatini - but she was erased from history

Born in South Africa and exiled to neighbouring Eswatini, Regina Twala was one of southern Africa’s most important intellectuals: a pioneering writer, academic, political activist and feminist. Why, then, has she been all but forgotten?

By Joel Cabrita Associate Professor of History, Director of the Center for African Studies, Stanford University about 1 year ago

Desmond Tutu Awarded For His Commitment and Contribution Towards Peace and Equality.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been awarded the Human Rights Global Treasure Award  recognition of his lifelong commitment to advancing peace, equity, equality, and human rights as well as his unwavering commitment to speaking out on behalf of those often pushed to the margins of society.  The award was announced on Thursday as part of...

By Phumzile Mavimbela over 3 years ago

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