Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank at risk of more sanctions

Zimbabwe’s economy could plummet further following rising allegations of the country’s reserve bank being used for money laundering and illicit dealing of gold.The allegations against the bank sees many organisations and countries choosing to possibly pose sanction on the country.Following a widespread documentary, it has been alleged ...

By Tshegofatso Makola 1 day ago

Inflation is proving particularly stubborn – but jitters over banking failures, softening economy complicate Fed rate decision

The Federal Reserve is facing a rather sticky problem. Despite its best efforts over the past year, inflation is stubbornly refusing to head south with any urgency to a target of 2%.

By Christopher Decker Professor of Economics, University of Nebraska Omaha 14 days ago

A budget of missed opportunities

The Minister of Finance's annual budget speech is yet another missed opportunity for South Africa. While he claims that bold action is necessary, the truth is that there is nothing bold about this budget. The Minister has failed to announce any meaningful structural reforms that could drive economic growth, incentivize domestic savings...

By Dr Dion George MP- DA Shadow Minister of Finance about 1 month ago

Blue Check for a Price: Zuckerberg's Meta Verified raises questions about Social Media Equity

The announcement by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the launch of a new paid subscription service, Meta Verified, for Facebook and Instagram has sparked intense debate among social media users and industry experts. We provide an in-depth analysis of the development and its potential implications.

By Lindelwa Masuku about 1 month ago

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