Gender-affirming care has a long history in the US – and not just for transgender people

In 1976, a woman from Roanoke, Virginia, named Rhoda received a prescription for two drugs: estrogen and progestin. Twelve months later, a local reporter noted Rhoda’s surprisingly soft skin and visible breasts. He wrote that the drugs had made her “so completely female.”

By G. Samantha Rosenthal Associate Professor of History, Roanoke College about 11 hours ago

"The Tottenham Hotspur sponsorship is unlawful and invalid" - De Lille

Newly appointed Tourism Minister Patricia de Lille has advised the South African Tourism board to halt all processes regarding the R900 million sponsorship deal with English football club Tottenham Hotspur.

By Neo Poho 4 days ago

The view from Moscow and Beijing: What peace in Ukraine and a post-conflict world look like to Xi and Putin

Just a few days after being branded a war criminal in an international arrest warrant, Russian President Vladimir Putin was talking peace with his most important ally, Chinese President Xi Jinping.

By Ronald Suny Professor of History and Political Science, University of Michigan 5 days ago

What does ‘moral hazard’ mean? A scholar of financial regulation explains why it’s risky for the government to rescue banks

“Moral hazard” refers to the risks that someone or something becomes more inclined to take because they have reason to believe that an insurer will cover the costs of any damages.

By Cassandra Jones Havard Professor of Law, University of South Carolina 6 days ago

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