Aligning academia with industry: Insights from FOE2023 Summit for South African education

We explore the Future of Education Summit 2023 (#FOE2023) and highlight key insights on the Reskilling Revolution and aligning academia with industry needs. Here’s how South African institutions are adapting their curricula to meet the demands of the evolving job market and bridge the skills gap.

By Lindelwa Masuku 3 months ago

ChatGPT-powered Wall Street: The benefits and perils of using artificial intelligence to trade stocks and other financial instruments

Artificial Intelligence-powered tools, such as ChatGPT, have the potential to revolutionize the efficiency, effectiveness, and speed of the work humans do. And this is true in financial markets as much as in sectors like health care, manufacturing, and pretty much every other aspect of our lives.

By Pawan Jain Assistant Professor of Finance, West Virginia University 5 months ago

The state takeover of Houston public schools is about more than school improvement

When the state of Texas took over Houston’s public school district on March 15, 2023, it made the district one of more than 100 school districts in the nation that have experienced similar state takeovers during the past 30 years.

By Domingo Morel Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Service, New York University 7 months ago

Florida will no longer ask high school athletes about their menstrual cycles, but many states still do – here are 3 reasons why that’s problematic

Concerns are being raised across the U.S. about whether schools have a right to compel female athletes to provide information about their menstrual cycles.

By Lindsey Darvin Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Syracuse University & David Schultz Professor of Political Science, Hamline University & Tia Spagnuolo Doctoral Student in Community Research and Action, Binghamton University, State University of New York 7 months ago

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