Parliament to work through the recess period on the Electoral Amendment Bill

By Joburg Post

The Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs has revealed that it is continuing its consideration of the Electoral Amendment Bill and has received presentations from the Parliamentary Legal Services, the Electoral Commission of South Africa, the Office of the Chief State Law Adviser and the Department of Home Affairs. 
In a statement, the committee says it is convinced that it is making steady headway in reaching a consensus on legislation that is both fair and representative. 
 “The committee is of the view that the inputs made today have been invaluable in addressing some of the more technical issues, including the calculation of seats, definition of terms, as well as requirements for candidates to stand for elections. The committee will continue to deliberate on the Bill with the intention of arriving at a final product that is reflective of the spirit of the Constitutional Court judgement” said the statement. 

 “Meanwhile, the committee welcomes the six-month extension the Constitutional Court gave Parliament to enable the legislature to process the Bill thoroughly. The committee has taken a decision to work throughout the recess period to ensure that it enables Parliament to deliver a Bill worth considering by the President. 
The committee remains of the view that the attitude it has taken of a thorough and meticulous approach that is anchored to extensive public consultation was the correct tactic, primarily because the amendment of this Act has a direct bearing on the credibility of South Africa’s democracy” added the statement. 

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