African Fashion Bloggers You Should Know

By Joburg Post

African bloggers are doing the most with putting themselves into the forefront. It is not easy to be a true fashionista based on your "expert" choice, this may be easily lost in translation to others, however, fashion bloggers are stepping out and producing style-inspo that resonates and influences everyone who comes across their pages. whether it is staple pieces or the entire outfit, they are doing it and are succeeding!  Here are a few you should definitely know and follow. 

Lamic Kirabo – African Fashion at Third Local

Lamic’s Third Local is really the essential blog for African Clothing Styles. The Ugandan fashion blogger actively supports local designers and gives them a platform to showcase their work. She can always be seen wearing such designs at important events. Mixing African and western styles to make her statements.

I See A Different – African Creatives
They are the epitome of creative meets fashion, a group of Soweto born Creatives who’s aim is to change the world’s view of Africa. This is indeed a noble cause as we all know the African story has always been told by others; and less by those who live in it. 

Thithi Nteta  – African Fashion Star
Thithi has been an African fashion blogger for a while now and she knows what she’s talking about when she goes into the subject of fashion. Not to mention the she has been featured in the South African Cosmopolitan magazine in the “Next gen Startups” as a rising star. Her blog illustrates African fashion perfection! It is indeed an Afro fashion for those who know and want to know and very likely to visit urgently!

Peniel Enchill – African Fashion Illustrator
This Ghanaian Fashion Illustrator is breaking every flipping glass ceiling on his way to the top. Every African content producer uses his illustrations. Fashion enthusiasts and designers area knocking down his door to have him design their next batch of magic.

Franklin Saiyalel – Men’s Wear African Fashion
Franklin is the reference and lead male blogger in Kenya. His blog posts generally center around menswear and lifestyle.  Kenyan Stylista his blog is some sort of a style bible for men looking to be both classy and well put together. Take at an example of a recent post cover he published; he looks dapper in his favorite Kenyan designer. He spare no details with from clothes to shoes and accessories.

Afua Rida – African Fashion on Styled by Rida
She hails from Ghana and wears local designers enthusiastically. She embodies the perfect black working girl. Her city style, always perfect, is worthy of the greatest.  She is the Afro fashion blogger to follow to shine both on the streets and in the office.

Afroboheme – Bohemian African Trends
Virginie is sindelish on youtube and with 10,394 subscribers on her youtube channel, this French speaking Afro blogger has a world of her own, which she shares with her readers. Bohemian fashion is her niche and she excels in her passion. The advantage of her blog is the fashion and makeup associations, as well as the contests she offers.


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