Traditional Wedding Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

By Joburg Post

Traditional weddings are vibrant celebrations of culture, love and family. Africa is wonderfully diverse, allowing yourself to look the part during the festivities is everything!

While there are a wide variety of outfits you can wear and be part of the celebrations, there are also a few faux-pas that will make you the talk of the wedding, in the worst way.

Do: Dress the part

A traditional wedding is a big deal and you definitely have to dress up when you attend one. With respect to the type of wedding you have been invited to, dress appropriately. Google is your friend, so do not be afraid to do your research. 

African or traditional prints are adaptable and can be made into glamorous modern outfits. Good old fashioned traditional regalia however never goes out of style.

Don’t: Try to out-shine the bride – a traditional wedding is still a wedding

Traditional outfits are beautiful, but it’s easy to go over the top; between the bright colours, all the different types of headdresses and the endless styles of jewellery, you could get carried away. You also need to understand what outfit pieces and jewellery mean to keep you in line and prevent you from making embarrassing wardrobe and cultural mistakes.

For example, this gorgeous beaded veil is a bridal veil, and unless it’s your wedding, you shouldn’t be wearing it.

Don’t: Forget your dancing shoes

There’s love, there’s food and there’s dancing! It’s all good and well to look your best, but pointless if you’re not going to enjoy yourself. Wear comfortable shoes that complement your outfit or have comfortable shoes on hand so you’re dance floor ready, because there will always be that one song that gets everyone on their feet and you don’t want to miss out!
Do: Doek on fleek

There’s no arguing about the convenience of the doek and worn properly, it can complete your outfit. Try some different styles before the time and make sure your doek matches your outfit, so as to compliment your style and not just a solution to a bad hair day. 



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