Monday, 19 August 2019

Festivals Can Transform Cities By Making Space For Overlooked People and Cultures

Cities all over the world are facing major crises – from failing services and mounting inequalities, to climate emergencies. And arts and culture have a surprisingly critical role in tackling these kind of urban challenges. Festivals create exciting spaces to experience art, music, culture and film. At their best, they perform a transf...

By Beth Perry & Rike Sitas 3 days ago

The Battles of South Africa’s Public Protector: Why The Law Must Win

In the book of Esther, the Bible tells a story from the 5th century BCE, when the Jews were in exile in Persia. The Persian king, Ahasuerus, had installed a Jewish woman, Esther, as his queen at the time that one of the king’s ministers started a genocidal programme against the Jews. Esther’s uncle, Mordecai, appealed to her to interve...

By Cathleen Powell 3 days ago

Soldiers Won’t Stem Gang Violence Because South Africa’s Army Is In A Sorry State

The initial response to the recent deployment of the South African army to areas of Cape Town hit hard by gang violence evoked relief that peace and stability would be restored to the area. But this has been replaced with a much more nuanced view. Some community leaders claim the deployment has fallen well short of residents’ expectati...

By Lindy Heinecken 3 days ago

Why Buhari’s Long-Awaited Cabinet Leaves a Lot to be Desired

It took President Muhammadu Buhari 54 days after his second term began to send a list of ministerial nominees to the Nigerian Senate for screening. This is a better record than his first term, which began in May 2015. Then Nigerians had to wait six months before the list of ministerial portfolios and offices was announced.

By Ini Dele-Adedeji 4 days ago