Sunday, 24 March 2019

The Joburg Post Interview: Dr Essop Pahad

We sat down with former Minister in the Presidency and ANC veteran Dr Essop PahadQ. Many in the ANC think it will maintain a 60% majority, what would you say is the ANC’s      strongest points coming into the elections after 25 years of being in power? I think the ANC is between 55%-60%. Now whether it does achieve it will depend on it...

By Joburg Post 2 days ago

Nationalising The South African Reserve Bank: A Case Of Infantile Populism?

The nationalisation of the South African Reserve Bank may not matter given that such a decision must not impact the independence of the central bank. The Central Bank’s core function is to provide a financial infrastructure for the government and commercial banks. In doing so, central banks play a crucial role in ensuring that business...

By Dr Garth le Pere 2 days ago

What If England Voted To Leave The Eu In A Second Referendum But The Rest Of The Uk Wanted To Stay?

The Brexit process has exacerbated many of the disunities within the UK’s territorial constitution. Division rules at Westminster, Stormont remains deadlocked, and the Scottish National Party is poised to call for a second independence referendum. Meanwhile, polling in England suggests that many people think breaking up the UK is perha...

By Joburg Post 3 days ago

What We Learnt From Young South Africans About The Minimum Wage And Employment

National minimum wages are used in many different countries to reduce poverty and inequality. But there are many unanswered questions, such as what their impact might be on youth employment and unemployment. This is a pertinent question in a country like South Africa where joblessness of people aged between 18 and 24 years stands at a ...

By Joburg Post 3 days ago



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