Monday, 20 May 2019

Rwanda and Sri Lanka: A Tale Of Two Genocides

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide and the 10th year since the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka. While the 1994 Rwandan genocide has become part of the world’s collective memory, the 2009 Tamil genocide has not.Mullivaikkal Genocide Remembrance Day on May 18, named after the village that was the site of cataclysmic...

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How Do Nigerian Gay and Bisexual Men Cope?

Many Africans who are not gay or bisexual – sexually attracted only to people of the same sex or of both sexes – claim that being gay or bisexual is not acceptable for religious and cultural reasons. Laws in numerous African countries – as is the case in Nigeria – also reflect this by criminalising same-sex sexual activities and same-s...

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The Best Farmers Markets in South Africa

 South Africa has a selection of farmers markets to explore. With a range of goods on offer – from locally grown produce to artisanal food, and from hand-made crafts to clothes and plants – these South African farmers markets won’t disappoint. Oranjezicht City FarmMarket, Farm Shop, Vegetarian, Gluten-free The Oranjezicht City Farm is ...

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New Era for Toyota Quantum

The vehicle that defined passenger and cargo transportation in South Africa has done it again. The latest Quantum guarantees practicality and comfort levels with reinvented power delivery (plus a bigger turbodiesel engine), extra convenience and cargo carrying ability, added safety features and an ultra-modern new look.‘SEMI-BONNET’ DE...

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