Zimbabwean Dollar

Zimbabwean Government Revives Currency Debate

President Emmerson Mnangagwa's remarks over the weekend that Zimbabwe would have a fully-fledged local currency before the end of the year, ending the multi-currency regime enacted in 2009, effectively re-ignited the emotive issue. This ...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

A Cash Crunch Heaps Even More Pain On Zimbabweans

Walker Ishmael Gombingo sits on the concrete pavement outside a bank in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare. Elderly and looking dejected, he is one of a growing horde of people forming a line on and off the pavement in the late morning sun.

Chris Muronzi·about 4 years ago

Zim Power Blackouts Trigger Turmoil in Telecom Sector

Zimbabwe's mobile network connectivity was in a bad state over the last weekend, with callers and the transacting public reporting challenges in making calls and getting mobile money transactions to go through. The disruptive service una...

Joburg Post·about 4 years ago