Farm To Fork Culinary Safari, Johannesburg

The urban metropolis of Johannesburg is not a city associated with agriculture. Even though it is home to the planet’s largest urban forest, it is a financial centre, not a farming centre.Residents and visitors alike are surprised to dis...

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10 Fascinating Ancient Sites In Africa

Africa is known for its diversity and culture, it is home of different traditions dating as far back as when humankind came to being. It is also homeground to the most fascinating ancient monumemts, Africa can be said to be the birthing ...

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Unmissable Attractions in Tanzania

Here are some attractions you should see when you visit Tanzania: House of WondersAlso sometimes referred to as the Palace of Wonders, this remarkable structure overlooks the waterfront of Stone Town and features enormous, carved doors t...

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South African Foods to Keep You Warm This Winter

Food essential during winter time, not only does it warm your body it also warms your heart, here are some meals you should consider making to fill your stomach and warm your heart as well. BobotieBobotie is perhaps South Africa’s most r...

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The Importance Of Travelling Young

Travelling is paramount at any stage in your life, however when you travel while you are young you get to discover yourself beyond the limitations of your basic environment. Increases Your Emotional Intelligence When you travel you meet ...

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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Kenya

Kenya’s coastline is dotted with dazzling tropical beaches, each with its own character. Lamu being more cultural, while Nyali’s proximity to Mombasa makes it more urbanised. Here are a few picks of Kenya's best beaches.

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A Tour of Dakar, Senegal in Famous Buildings

A city is often defined by its architecture: geography, history, economics and politics all form an intrinsic part of the practice, even before you consider art and design.

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Apps You Must Have When You Travel

While trying to put together some money for travel, you need to be sure to have a set plan and structure for your travels. We look at apps you need, to make your travel easy, they  are free but some have premium options. However, by down...

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The Best Wellness Retreats in South Africa

Showcasing spas in the Cape, Stellenbosch, KwaZulu-Natal, Pretoria and Johannesburg, this selection is designed with relaxation in mind, and offers resorts perfect for connecting with nature, clearing your mind and escaping city life.Bab...

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3 Must- See Places in Harare

Here we are in Wonderful Harare, a sunshine city, where the weather never disappoints! It’s true, Harare was once voted the place with the best climate in the world in the 2011 Quality of Life Index by International Living magazine. If y...

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National Parks in Nigeria You Shouldn’t Miss

As diverse as its people are, so is Nigeria’s geographical location. With a landmass spanning over 923,768 square kilometres (356,669 square miles) the country is wide and varied. Within it are tropical rain forests, highlands, islands a...

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Things You Need to Know Before You Visit Nigeria.

The giant of Africa is often skipped on travel bucket lists but Nigeria is a fascinating country and will probably be the most memorable country you visit. If you know these things, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time!The energy ...

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Why South Africa’s new plan to fortify its borders won’t stop irregular migration

South Africa has just passed a new law in response to growing concerns in the country about its porous borders. The socioeconomic and security dangers posed by having large numbers of undocumented migrants have become key political issue...

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Have You Started Planning For Your December Holidays ?

Have you started planning your December holiday, if so here are the top 5 holiday destinations to consider visiting in Africa. 2020 Has not been only straining to the Travel Tourism sector alone but to everyone's pockets. The pause in e...

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Exploring Joburg : The North and The East of Joburg

Joburg is one of South Africa's biggest cities. It is the capital of the of South Africa's eco   nomic hub, the  Gauteng province. Jozi started of as a 19th-century gold. We give you road map on some of the places to worth exploring in t...

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