Moving More And Sitting Less Is Good For The Mind As Well As The Body

Physical activity has long been associated with better mental health. What’s not well understood, however, is whether too much activity can negatively impact psychological well-being.As a researcher on physical activity and mental health...

Joburg Post·almost 4 years ago

Do You Plan Your Life Around Your Fitness Schedule? You Could Be Addicted To Exercise

Physical activity feels good and it’s great for your health. It can reduce your risk of developing chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, strengthen your bones, muscles and joints, and can even help with certain mental health condition...

Joburg Post·almost 4 years ago

How To Think Yourself Into A Fit Person

Many of us, aware of the benefits of exercise, try to stick to a routine, only to find our sneakers at the back of the closet when the weather doesn’t co-operate, our routine is disrupted or we are short of time. One way to turn an exerc...

Joburg Post·almost 4 years ago