Cape Town

A New Approach to Criminalisation Could End Cape Town’s Drug Wars

It’s not known exactly how many gangs there are in South Africa’s Western Cape province, but gang membership has been estimated at more than 100 000. Almost all these gangs, most concentrated in Cape Town, make the bulk of their money fr...

Don Pinnock·about 4 years ago

South African tourism: informal traders need support, not more red tape

South Africa is an attractive tourist destination for foreign travellers on the African continent. It ranks 27th out of 128 countries in the world when it comes to visitor arrivals.

Alicia Fourie Professor, GIBS, University of Pretoria·8 days ago

What's On Everyone's Lips: A Man Has Been Arrested In Connection To The Table Mountain Fire.

A 35-year-old believed to have been responsible for the fire that broke out on Table Mountain Park in Cape Town has been arrested. The fire caused massive damage to property. Speaking to ENCA JP Smith, Mayco Member for Safety and Secu...

Phumzile Mavimbela·over 2 years ago

The Army is Being Used to Fight Cape Town’s Gangs. Why It’s a Bad Idea

Following the latest spate of murders on the notorious Cape Flats in the Cape Town, the South African government has decided to send in the army. The move has been welcomed by many who want to see an end to the rampant violence, crime an...

Lindy Heinecken·about 4 years ago

South Africa’s Soldiers Won’t End Gang Violence. A Co-Ordinated Plan Might

The South African government has taken a decision to deploy members of the South African National Defence Force to areas that have been ravaged by gang violence. At least the deployment of the army shows some commitment by government to ...

Joburg Post·about 4 years ago

Outstanding South African school named Top 3 finalists for new $250, 000 World's Best School prizes

Pinelands North Primary School in Cape Town, South Africa, which is one of the country’s leading institutions for fostering inclusivity in education, is a Top 3 finalist for the World’s Best School Prize for Overcoming Adversity

T4 Education·about 1 year ago

Queen Elizabeth, colonialism and land: ghosts of the past still haunt Cape Town today

British monarch Queen Elizabeth II’s passing has elicited many polarised responses, in the process allowing the ghosts of the past to resurface

Adam Haupt- University of Cape Town·about 1 year ago