Achebe’s A Man of the People: A Prophetic Critique of ANC Presidents, Especially Ramaphosa?

“As I stood in one corner of that vast tumult waiting for the arrival of the Minister, I felt intense bitterness welling up in my mouth. Here were silly, ignorant villagers dancing themselves lame and waiting to blow off their gunpowder ...

Katlego Mereko·over 4 years ago

Why ‘Pro-Poor’ Policies on Their Own won’t Shift Inequality in South Africa

Sociologist Goran Therborn has probably influenced the study of inequality more than any other scholar in recent years.Invited to locate inequality in South Africa in a global perspective, Therborn was emphatic. In terms of income it is ...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

Of Spiritual Interests: Finding Black Consciousness in Pan Africanism

The 1950s was an eventful decade in South Africa. The National Party had just come into power after World War II in the late 40s and wasted no time in legislating the most heinous aspects of their Afrikaner Nationalist ideology into the ...

Katlego Mereko·over 4 years ago

The Class of 1976: Their Blood Demands a Higher Conviction from Us!

On the 16th of June, we as a people will rise to a new day’s dawn. However, it will not be like any other ordinary Sunday morning, where gospel songs and hymns will be the order of the day. On this coming Sunday, we will add a little pra...

Musa Mdunge·over 4 years ago

The Role of Black Consciousness in '76 Soweto Uprising

Many scholars and critics still erroneously hold the view that the 1976 uprisings were virtually spontaneous if insufficiently coordinated events that lacked the support and therefore the ‘maturity’ of adults in the communities. However,...

Katlego Mereko·over 4 years ago

Marxist scholar Harold Wolpe’s Ideas Still Speak to South Africa’s Problems

During the apartheid period in South Africa – 1948 to 1994 – a lively intellectual culture of opposition emerged on some of the country’s university campuses and within the broader anti-apartheid movement. Given the exigencies of the tim...

Joburg Post·about 4 years ago

Spat over toll roads in South Africa shows poor people don’t count

Most South Africans are poor. But this does not prevent politicians treating them as though they don’t exist. The invisibility of poor people in the country, who are estimated to make up 55,5% of the population was on display recently as...

Joburg Post·about 4 years ago

Archive Documents Reveal the US and UK’s Role in the Dying Days of Apartheid

It is a quarter of a century since the end of apartheid in South Africa. But it’s easy to forget how complex, difficult and violent the birth of full democracy really was. This was particularly true in KwaZulu-Natal, where battles betwee...

Sue Onslow & Martin Plaut·about 4 years ago

South Africa’s State Owned Companies: A Complex History That’s Seldom Told

The problems of South Africa’s state owned enterprises are in the headlines every day. Yet many have existed for over 80 years. Why were they established in the first place and how have they survived this long? Their histories provide cl...

Nancy L Clark·about 4 years ago

Remembering SASO, 50 Years After Their Inauguration

Like a flower that defiantly blossoms from a rubble of dirt, history has shown that from the most tragic of situations can emerge ground breaking achievements including but not limited to the political, intellectual, artistic, and the sc...

Katlego Mereko·about 4 years ago

The White People Who Spied During Apartheid

In his new book, “Betrayal: The Secret Lives of Apartheid Spies”, award-winning journalist Jonathan Ancer explores why it is that spies spy. This interest, and this book, follow on the publication in 2017 of his acclaimed book, Spy. Unco...

Peter Vale·about 4 years ago

Who is an African in Post-Apartheid SA?

Are Indian, Coloured and White people really African? The question of who is an African, who could or could not be an African, was sharply raised in post-apartheid South Africa in former president Thabo Mbeki’s epic “I am an African” sp...

Dr David Masondo·almost 3 years ago

Zuma: "This Commission Was Created to Find Things On Me"

Former president Jacob Zuma appeared before the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State Capture led by Deputy Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo. Zuma's appearance before the Zondo commission has long been awaited, as in the days leading up...

Musa Mdunge·about 4 years ago

ANC Commemorates Struggle Activist Solomon Mahlangu.

The ANC is commemorating the life and times of struggle activist Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu. He was convicted of common-purpose murder under the apartheid government and hanged in 1979. Today's commemoration will include a visit to Kgosi M...

Phumzile Mavimbela·over 2 years ago

Cape Town’s Bloody Gang Violence Is Inextricably Bound Up In Its History

When the apartheid government decided to evict people it called Coloured from Cape Town’s inner city, it set off a chain reaction that now requires military intervention. More than 50 years on from the mass evictions that drove anyone wh...

Don Pinnock·about 4 years ago

From The Desk Of The President

I was recently sent a photo that featured on the popular #ImStaying Facebook thread. Two women are seated side by side at a bus stop somewhere in Cape Town. One is white, elderly and frail, and rests her head on the shoulder of the young...

Phumzile Mavimbela·almost 3 years ago

Teacher fired over racist lesson at Crawford College

A substitute teacher was dismissed from Crawford International after writing down racially offensive terms during class on Monday.

Neo Poho·2 months ago

"He was one of the key people who participated in the development of the constitution" - Rev. Frank Chikane

ANC Stalwart Reverend Frank Chikane has described the late Dr. Essop Pahad as one of the key people who participated in developing the constitution of South Africa.

Neo Poho·3 months ago