Locating Africa in the Worlds Refugee Crisis

Despite populist rhetoric in the West, the real refugee crisis is playing out in developing countries, which hosts 85 % (70.8 million) of the worlds displaced people who have fled war and persecution, the United Nations said on Wednesday...

Neo Sithole·over 4 years ago

Africa: UN Women Releases Report on Equality, Families

The United Nations says women's rights have advanced over the past decades but gender inequality and violence still exists within families. U.N. Women, also known as the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Wo...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

10 Fascinating Ancient Sites In Africa

Africa is known for its diversity and culture, it is home of different traditions dating as far back as when humankind came to being. It is also homeground to the most fascinating ancient monumemts, Africa can be said to be the birthing ...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

Unmissable Attractions in Tanzania

Here are some attractions you should see when you visit Tanzania: House of WondersAlso sometimes referred to as the Palace of Wonders, this remarkable structure overlooks the waterfront of Stone Town and features enormous, carved doors t...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

How Climate Change Could Affect Some Of West Africa’s Iconic Bird Species

If scientists know how particular species are responding to the realities of global climate change, they can help to recommend better conservation strategies.But information about climate change response and adaptation is either limited ...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

Is Africa Cybercrime-Savvy?

It started with loud music and the smell of marijuana. When South African police stormed a hotel room in the Western Cape they found six people huddled over 32 computers and mobile devices. This extortion syndicate was extracting million...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

Financial Liberalisation Has Necessitated a Gender-Aware Policy Reform.

In recent weeks South Africans have been overwhelmed with highly contested views on the South African Reserve Bank’s mandate. This happens post ANC lekgotla resolutions media briefing, delivered bysecretary general of the ruling party Ac...

Funzani Mtembu·over 4 years ago

Africa Business Summit Successfully Advances the Trade, Investment and Commercial Partnership between the U.S. and Africa

Heads of State, Vice Presidents, and Prime Ministers from nine African nations attended the Corporate Council on Africa’s 12th U.S.-Africa Business Summit in Maputo, Mozambique on June 18-21.  They were joined by Ministers of Finance, Fo...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

Migrant Deaths Globally Top 32,000 Since 2014 - IOM

The International Organization for Migration says more than 32,000 migrants worldwide have died or gone missing between 2014 and 2018, with most fatalities occurring on the deadly Mediterranean Sea crossing from North Africa to Europe.Th...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Kenya

Kenya’s coastline is dotted with dazzling tropical beaches, each with its own character. Lamu being more cultural, while Nyali’s proximity to Mombasa makes it more urbanised. Here are a few picks of Kenya's best beaches.

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

Iconic Architecture In Africa

African architecture, the architecture of Africa, particularly of sub-Saharan Africa. In North Africa, where Islam and Christianity had a significant influence, architecture predominates among the visual arts. This photo story is dedicat...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

Donor-funded Journalism is On the Rise in Africa: Why it Needs Closer Scrutiny

An enormous and increasing portion of the foreign development aid coming into Africa annually is for media development. Foreign aid funds diverse projects, ranging from investigative journalism in Nigeria, to stories on Chinese building ...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

African Art : @artnewsafrica

We plug breathtaking Instagram pages that share our values; changing the Africa narrative, shed light on Africa’s beauty & potential, promote black beauty, highlight black excellence and tell the stories of ALL THINGS AFRICA. This wee...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

How Digital Technologies Can Help Africa’s Smallholder Farmers

Digitisation could change the game for agriculture in Africa. That’s a key message in a report  recently released by an international institution that enhances smallholder farming in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.The Centre fo...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

Democracy in Africa: Success Stories That Have Defied All the Odds

When I first said that I was going to write a book about the history of democracy in Africa, quite a few people responded with a joke. That will be one of the world’s shortest books, up there with the compendium of great English cooking,...

Nic Cheeseman·over 4 years ago

Meet Tchiana Tchicou-Pembey, the Congolese Designer Paying Homage to Africa

The Republic of Congo is a land of fashion enthusiasts – a fact that’s undeniable, seeing as the country is home to the sapeurs, one of Africa’s most dynamic fashion movements. Amid this creative landscape, one talented designer is takin...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

Migration in the Mediterranean: Why it’s Time to Put European Leaders on Trial

In June this year two lawyers filed a complaint at the International Criminal Court (ICC) naming European Union member states’ migration policies in the Mediterranean as crimes against humanity. The court’s Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, mu...

Kerstin Carlson·over 4 years ago

How Data Science In And For Africa Can Blaze New Trails

The term “data science” was coined by scientists working at the social networks LinkedIn and Facebook in 2008. A few years later, they dubbed it “the sexiest profession of the 21st century”.This relatively new, interdisciplinary field is...

Wim Delva·over 4 years ago

African Education System Not Aligned to Economic Needs - Ramaphosa

African economies are unable to absorb a significant proportion of young people because the education system is not aligned to needs, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Monday. In a speech prepared for delivery at the Associ...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

We Love Africa: @nigeria

We plug breathtaking Instagram pages that share our values; changing the Africa narrative, shed light on Africa’s beauty & potential, promote black beauty, highlight black excellence and tell the stories of ALL THINGS AFRICA. This wee...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

How Cleopatra's Eye Make-Up Protected Her

One of history’s most famous women, Cleopatra was a mighty queen of Egypt. Married to both Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, the fearless leader was famous for her colourful and heavy eye makeup. Historians believe that there may have been...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

18 Shots of the Revolutionary Art in the Streets of Egypt

Street art has always been a means of documenting events, dreams, ambitions, and messages. In Egypt, it has spread widely, especially after the revolution, when the art represented the images that the new generation wanted for the future...

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

Want To Put Together A Winning AFCON Team? Here’s The Formula

The African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament is the most important sporting event on the continent. It attracts media attention, sponsors and draws significant global viewership. Organised every two years, it is also considered one of t...

Ernest Yeboah Acheampong & Ellis Kofi Akwaa-Sekyi·over 4 years ago

Peeling Back the Layers On the Role of Private Security Companies in Africa

Private military and security companies have been regular fixtures in conflicts across the globe. For Africa, these corporations became increasingly visible with their role in civil wars in Angola and Sierra Leone. More recently, reports...

Jonathan Powell, Christopher Michael Faulkner & Joshua Lambert·over 4 years ago

A Brief History of Kenyan Dish Ugali

On his very first trip to Kenya, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, ate local – ugali and fish. A staple in Kenya, this polenta-like dish is also eaten in several other African countries. Maize flour is commonly used but in the wester...

Jackline Wambugi·over 4 years ago

10 Traditional Egyptian Dishes You Need To Try

Food is a large part of every country’s culture. So, to get to know more about Egyptian culture, here is a list of 10 traditional Egyptian dishes that you have to try when visiting Egypt.

Joburg Post·over 4 years ago

How Government Bias Can Fuel Communal Conflicts in Africa

Each year, violent communal conflict between groups is witnessed in a number of African countries. It is often organised along identity lines. The fights are typically over local territory, natural resources or political power. Although ...

Emma Elfversson·over 4 years ago

We Rise TV: The First African Children and Youth Channel.

When passion, dedication meets African greatness incredibility is birthed. We Rise Tv is an example of such incredibility. We Rise TV, an online channel available on YouTube, was launched in September 2020 by the I.M Possible Foundation...

Phumzile Mavimbela ·about 3 years ago

A contested legacy: Julius Nyerere and the 2020 Tanzanian election

Tanzanians will head to the polls on 28 October in which the incumbent, John Magufuli, faces a determined opposition. Elected to a first term in 2015, Magufuli’s time in office has lived up to his nickname tinga tinga, Kiswahili for “the...

The Conversation Contributions ·about 3 years ago

Suspension of US aid to Ethiopia is yet another example of Trump’s disregard for Africa

America’s Department of State recently suspended $130 million worth of aid to Ethiopia because of “a lack of progress” on negotiations pertaining to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the River Nile. According to ...

Yohannes Gedamu·about 3 years ago

Why Africa needs to invest in mental health

More than 13% of the global burden of disease is due to disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and substance abuse. Almost three-quarters of this burden lies in low- and middle-income countries, because of extremely scarce ...

The Conversation Contributors ·about 3 years ago

The colonial enterprise hard-baked violence in Nigeria: how it can be fixed

The favoured approach to understanding colonial rule, particularly in Africa, is through the prism of political governance – how the colonial authority was imposed through local or native authorities. In our paper on Nigeria’s coloni...

Benjamin Maiangwa ·about 3 years ago

Have You Started Planning For Your December Holidays ?

Have you started planning your December holiday, if so here are the top 5 holiday destinations to consider visiting in Africa. 2020 Has not been only straining to the Travel Tourism sector alone but to everyone's pockets. The pause in e...

Phumzile Mavimbela·about 3 years ago

Who is an African in Post-Apartheid SA?

Are Indian, Coloured and White people really African? The question of who is an African, who could or could not be an African, was sharply raised in post-apartheid South Africa in former president Thabo Mbeki’s epic “I am an African” sp...

Dr David Masondo·about 3 years ago

Myth Busters : 5 Myths About Africa.

Africa is a very beautiful continent with diverse cultures and beliefs. The Landscapes are breath taking and the people are sensational. However with so many amazing places to tell about this great continent . The truth about is often ...

Phumzile Mavimbela·about 3 years ago

What can be done to better support women pursuing their PhDs in Africa.

A Doctor of Philosophy – commonly known as a PhD – is the highest level of academic training. It allows the degree holder to teach the chosen subject at university, conduct research or practise in the specialised area. However, in man...

Anne M. Khisa·about 3 years ago

Restrictions in trade to contain COVID-19 have been devastating for Africa’s urban poor

Trade routes have been significantly disrupted this year in efforts to contain COVID-19. The effects of this are already showing: global growth is set to contract by 4.9% and growth in sub-Saharan Africa will contract by 3.2%. This...

Astrid R.N. Haas and Victoria Delbridge H·about 3 years ago

How transfers negatively affect Nigerian footballers’ families.

In Nigeria, a large number of players move from one club to another in the country’s top division of 20 clubs. Although exact figures are sketchy, there are many footballers who engage in this migration, covering large distances. Some...

Unwana Akpan ·about 3 years ago

Trump’s legacy in Africa and what to expect from Biden

Donald Trump was propelled to the US presidency by promising to rewrite globalisation rules. This included restricting trade when it directly hurt the US, clamping down on immigration, and reducing commitments to the global order. His ad...

Francis Owusu & Padraig Carmody ·about 3 years ago

What stands in the way of a new South Sudan post-conflict constitution

South Sudan became an independent country following a long armed struggle to break away from Sudan. At a referendum in 2011, millions voted in favour of secession, creating Africa’s 55th independent state. Since then, the nation of 11 mi...

J. Geng Akech & Magnus Killander·almost 2 years ago

The story of Africa will be written in its bustling urban centres.

“We are the shinning city on the high plains of this great continent, on which the eyes of all who seek fortune and opportunity are fixed.” These are the words of former Mayor of Johannesburg Mayor, Parks Tau. He maybe be talking about ...

Thembelani Tukwayo·over 2 years ago

Hip hop and Pan Africanism: from Blitz the Ambassador to Beyoncé

Hip hop is many things. Most recently is has become more of commodity, a commercial venture, but it has always been and remains a global culture that represents local realities. It speaks about where one is from – through rap lyrics, DJi...

Msia Kibona Clark·almost 3 years ago

President Mnangagwa claimed Zimbabwe was open for business. What’s gone wrong

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa meets his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping in Beijing, in 2018. November 2017 Zimbabwe’s military replaced Robert Mugabe as head of state with his long-time confidante Emmerson Mnangagw...

 Henning Melber·almost 3 years ago

Africa At The Football World Cup: 10 defining Moments

Growing up in Sirisia on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Bungoma, Western Kenya, soccer was and remains a major pastime for young boys, whether herding livestock or in school. Their conversations at dinner tables and busy markets focus...

Wycliffe W. Njororai Simiyu·almost 3 years ago

The half-European New African

The half-European New African Not long ago a prolific public intellectual not only pointed out why social cohesion cannot be attained in South Africa but called for an examination of the state of Africanness, whatever that is. 

Sandile Memela·almost 3 years ago

What African countries can expect from Biden: and what they should ask for

US president Joe Biden makes a foreign policy speech at the State Department in Washington, DC, on 4 February. President Joe Biden delivered his first public statement on US foreign policy last week. Africa was not mentioned. Does th...

John J Stremlau ·almost 3 years ago

The Death Rate For Mothers Having C-sections Is 50 Times Higher In Africa

The in-hospital maternal mortality rate following a Caesarean delivery in Africa may be 50 times higher than in high-income countries. These were the findings of the African Surgical Outcomes Study that followed more than 3500 mothers fr...

Bruce M Biccard·over 4 years ago

What patents and publications reveal about China-Africa science collaboration

China has enjoyed a close economic relationship with a number of African countries for many decades. It has been particularly involved in supporting African countries’ infrastructure projects. As far back as the 1960s it helped build the...

Swapan Kumar Patra & Mammo Muchie·over 4 years ago

Ghana’s plans for a national cathedral are mired in controversy and delays

Ghana’s government aims to build a national cathedral: a multidenominational, monumental undertaking to house religious services and state events. Plans include a 5,000-seat worship space, a museum and a music school, reportedly projecte...

Nicolette Manglos-Weber Associate Professor of Religion & Society, Boston University·4 months ago

Africa has a great strategic plan: now it needs to roll up its sleeves and take action

When the United Nations started framing its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2012 – a shared blueprint for working towards global peace and prosperity by 2030 – Africa was the first region to submit its list of priorities. The ...

Carlos Lopes ·over 2 years ago

Is there really a paradigm shift in US/Africa relations? Why the answer seems to be yes

In South Africa – the first stop on this trip – Blinken unveiled the U.S Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa, marking a remarkable paradigmatic shift in America’s engagement with Africa

Gilbert M. Khadiagala- Director of the African Centre for the study of the United States, Wits University·over 1 year ago

Black Lives Matter but slavery isn’t our only narrative

Our historical understanding of Blackness is most commonly shaped by the story of the Atlantic slave trade – the forced movement of Africans to the West, in particular to the Americas. But this is a linear narrative that is dominated by ...

Michelle M Wright & Aretha Phiri Senior ·about 3 years ago

Why disbanding the notorious anti-robbery squad won’t stop bad policing in Nigeria

A wave of protests has spread through Nigeria as citizens call for the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a unit of the Nigeria police. This followed footage that went viral of the squad beating a man to death. Protesters too...

Lanre Ikuteyijo ·about 3 years ago

Shutterstock African governments have developed a taste for Eurobonds: why it’s dangerous

International financial markets have opened a window for African governments to diversify their funding sources from traditional multilateral institutions and foreign aid. For example, they can now borrow through issuing Eurobonds – the...

Misheck Mutize ·over 2 years ago

Nixon’s decision to delink the dollar from gold still hounds the IMF, South Africa and Africa

Five decades ago this month, US President Richard Nixon informed the world that the US would no longer honour its commitment to exchange US dollars for gold on demand. The commitment had been the foundation of the international monetary ...

Danny Bradlow·over 2 years ago

How Africa can seize the moment and start resetting its relationship with the IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will inject $650 billion in Special Drawing Rights into the global economy. It will allocate them among its member states, which can then decide for themselves how they want to use their Special Draw...

Phumzile Mavimbela·over 2 years ago

Macron in Africa: a cynical twist to repair the colonial past while keeping a tight grip

In his bid to reset this narrative, Macron went as far as to brand Russia “one of the last imperial colonial powers” for its invasion of Ukraine

Frank Gertis- Research Fellow at the University of Free State·over 1 year ago

Africa risks losing out on trade as rich countries cement relationships with trusted partners

Advanced countries are creating friend-shoring alliances which are, in turn, reshaping our global economy. These shifts have adverse implications for Africa

Jonathan Munemo- Salisbury University ·about 1 year ago

Mayibuye iAfrika: A Dream Worth Our Collective Sacrifice!

“I come as one but stand as 10 000.” Last night as I usually do, I browsed through YouTube and came across Oprah’s Soul Sunday interviews. In this case, it was an interview she had with the late Poetic giant, Maya Angelou. They touch...

Musa Mdunge ·over 2 years ago

Twala Ma Afrika Carries Our Hope for African community Redemption.

Across the richest square mile in Africa lies the richest square mile in the world. In Sandton, wealth in Rands is counted as a real measure of a man and given the wealthy’s preponderance, this area is classified as the richest square m...

Thembelani Tukwayo·over 2 years ago

Reimagining the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Africa

In a recent publication titled "The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Techno-Colonialism, and the Sub-Saharan African Response," author, Edmund Terem Ugar, outlines his perspective on how Sub-Saharan Africa should respond to the challenges a...

Edmund Terem Ugar, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Philosophy and Research Assistant Centre for African-China Studies (CACS), University of Johannesburg  ·3 months ago

Niger coup: Military takeover is a setback for democracy and US interests in West Africa

The West African nation Niger is under military rule following a coup in which President Mohamed Bazoum was overthrown and held captive by members of his own guard. On July 28, 2023, coup leaders named General Abdourahmane Tchiani as the...

Leonardo A. Villalón Professor of Political Science and African Studies, University of Florida·4 months ago