A Dark Horse Shines In The City Of Gold: Up Close And Personal With Msimeki Nkatingi.

We met up with a young Johannesburg businessperson by the name of Msimeki Nkatingi. He hails from the beautiful province of Limpopo where he grew up in the City of Polokwane. He does however insist that “please don’t forget to mention that I was born in Giyani and that my family comes from the village of Valdezia.” Having moved from th...

By Phumzile Mavimbela 7 days ago

South Africa has rebased its gross domestic product (GDP). The how and the why

Statistics South Africa recently rebased South Africa’s GDP. Does it matter? To start with, let’s unpack what rebasing is – and what it is not – and then put this statistical exercise in the context of the changes that economies go through.

By Manoel Bittencourt 14 days ago

BLSA CEO’s letter — 23 August 2021

A successful vaccination programme is critical to being able to rebuild the economy to be able to support all South Africans. Thankfully here in SA, when it comes to vaccines, common sense and rationality prevail for the most part, although like all nations we also have our “anti-vaccination” contingent. Still, it’s a major mileston...

By Busi Mavuso 24 days ago

Reform Momentum Must Be Increased To Deal With Jobless Crisis.

Tomorrow sees the release of South Africa’s second-quarter unemployment figures, which will provide a picture of our long-term jobless crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated. The first quarter’s reading of 32.6% was the highest since Statistics South Africa began collating the data in 2013. While the latest figures won’t ...

By Busi Mavuso 26 days ago

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