AU Commission Chair calls for restraint over Ethiopia/Sudan border dispute

The Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, is following with deep concern the escalating military tension between the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Republic of Sudan and deeply regrets the loss of life at their common border

By Joburg Post about 13 hours ago

Debt distress in Africa: biggest problems, and ways forward

The COVID pandemic has had a profoundly negative impact on Africa’s sovereign debt situation. Currently, 22 countries are either in debt distress or at high risk of debt distress. This means that African governments are struggling to pay the debts that they incurred on behalf of their states. For example, Mozambique and Zimbabwe are al...

By Danny Bradlow & Magalie Masamba about 2 months ago

Navigating the Crisis of Nigerian Statehood

Nigeria, like most post-colonial states in Africa, is an orphan state. The trouble with such state spaces, given their incongruous sociological constructions, is that their internal processes are characterized by an unending struggle, sometimes nuanced but also often overt, for the partisan appropriation of the totality of the state sp...

By Prof. Ademola Araoye 2 months ago

The African Union at 20: a lot has been achieved despite many flaws

There’s a widespread view that the African Union – and its bureaucracy – are glorified servants of African governments. This view is supported by scholars and by the media. But is it accurate? I address this question in a recent article as the organisation marks its 20th anniversary this year. The African Union was negotiated, an...

By 5 months ago

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