Burkina Faso coup: latest sign of a rise in the ballot box being traded for bullets

When news broke that soldiers had mutinied in Burkina Faso, it was hardly surprising. Burkina Faso’s history has been plagued by both army mutinies and military coups d’état. Earlier this year an attempt was foiled. Even then it was clear that it was possibly only a matter of time before another was made. And recent history in t...

By Jonathan Powell about 11 hours ago

African cities, COVID and climate: public knowledge on urban planning is needed

African cities are rapidly urbanising and already experiencing considerable negative impacts of urbanisation. The production of urban spaces in African cities is frequently characterised as unsustainable. This is due to factors such as slum proliferation, haphazard development and traffic congestion. And also because of evolving so...

By Patrick Brandful Cobbinah 5 days ago

African countries are stuck on the free movement of people. How to break the logjam

Most African countries signed onto the Free Movement of Persons protocol in Addis Ababa in January 2018. Its rationalewas set out clearly: the free movement of people – as well as capital goods and services – would promote integration and herald in a host of other benefits. These included improving science, technology, education, resea...

By Alan Hirsch 9 days ago

How Ghana lost its federalism – and lessons for others

Most of the 54 countries in Africa are unitary – the power to govern them resides mostly in a centralised government. Only Ethiopia and Nigeria are fully federal while others like South Africa, the Comoros, Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Somalia have some features of federalism. Federalism involves the...

By Dennis Penu 16 days ago

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