The US dollar is getting stronger: African countries are feeling the pain and have few policy options

A stronger dollar tightens trade financing conditions, constraining access to financing for firms. This offsets any improvement in export competitiveness, further dampening foreign trade

By Jonathan Munemo -Professor of Economics, Salisbury University 11 days ago

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ continues the series’ quest to recover and celebrate lost cultures

The film highlighted African cultures not by depicting them as fragile or foundering, but as paragons of artistry and sophistication

By Julian C. Chambliss 20 days ago

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) makes history as it unanimously adopts its rules of procedure

The adoption of the amended rules by the First Ordinary Session of the PAP’s sixth Parliament on thursday, marks a historic occasion as it is the first time that these five Regional Caucuses (Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western regions) unanimously, and through consensus, agreed to speak with one voice.

By Parliamentary Press about 1 month ago

President Cyril Ramaphosa sends condolences to the British Royal Family

"Her Majesty was an extraordinary and world-renowned public figure who lived a remarkable life. Her life and legacy will be fondly remembered by many around the world. The Queen’s commitment and dedication during her 70 years on the throne remains a noble and virtuous example to the entire world", says President Ramaphosa

By Presidency Press 3 months ago

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