The furore over Miss South Africa’s decision to compete in Israel: here’s a feminist critique

The participation of Miss South Africa 2021, Lalela Mswane, in the Miss Universe competition in Israel on 12 December has created a furore. Some South Africans support her participation while others have called for her withdrawal. The Boycott, Disinvest and Sanctions movement in South Africa views Miss South Africa’s participation a...

By Amanda Gouws 2 days ago

South Africa’s apartheid regime manipulated borders. Today, the effects linger

The issue of land, especially its redistribution, remains contentious in South Africa 27 years after the formal end of apartheid. Land redistribution was promised at the end of apartheid. The failure of the African National Congress (ANC) government to do so is emblematic of its failure to fundamentally transform the country. Yet, ...

By John Aerni-Flessner & 23 days ago

From Majority to Minority: A Chance for a New National Resolve!

On Monday South Africans across every creed took to the polls to make their mark on the canvass of democracy. However, this time around less than half of those eligible to vote took to the polls and the ramifications of this presents a scary reality for South Africa’s democratic project. Moreover, for the country’s most dominant party ...

By Musa Mdunge about 1 month ago

South Africa’s local elections: new entrants likely to be the big winners

Though a ritual, elections yield new insights about the state of the citizenry and the political elite. Life changes, either for the better or worse. Electoral outcomes are a statement about how citizens feel at that moment and signal their inclination to take charge of their future. The level of turnout and the political choices vo...

By Mcebisi Ndletyana about 1 month ago

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