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How one South African employer helped its staff get healthier and why it’s worth doing

The workplace can make a big contribution to behaviour change. Darcelle Schouw Non-communicable diseases account for half of all deaths in South Africa. Cardiovascular diseases are the biggest contributor, followed by cancers, diabetes and respiratory diseases. Diabetes alone is the leading killer of women and second most common c...

By  Darcelle Schouw and Bob Mash almost 2 years ago

The Big Walk 2020

In 2012 Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) aligned with TAFISA World Walking Day initiative decided on hosting The Big Walk taking place annually on the first Sunday of October each year. The Big Walk is the South African version of the World Walking Day since 2012 has been held annually on the first Sunday of October in City of...

By Phumzile Mavimbela over 2 years ago

Why halting the COVID-19 vaccine trial is part of the process

This week the University of Oxford and Astra Zeneca temporarily postponed further vaccination in clinical trials of the COVID-19 candidate vaccine, AZD1222, after one of the participants fell ill. There are more than 15,000 participants already enrolled across multiple studies of the vaccine in several countries around the world, inclu...

By Shabir Madhi over 2 years ago

Six-packs And Bulging Biceps – How Appearance Pressures Take Their Troll On Men’s Mental Health

Over recent years, “body dissatisfaction” – or shame about one’s appearance – has been on the rise in men. This isn’t something just affecting young men either, it’s extensively reported across a range of age groups. And it’s harmful – research shows it can lead to depression, steroid abuse and even suicide.

By Glen Jankowski over 3 years ago

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