Unmissable Attractions in Tanzania

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Here are some attractions you should see when you visit Tanzania:

House of Wonders

Also sometimes referred to as the Palace of Wonders, this remarkable structure overlooks the waterfront of Stone Town and features enormous, carved doors that are said to be the largest in East Africa. Inside the rise of striking tiers of both pillars and balconies, one will find the National Museum of History and Culture, showcasing Swahili culture and the people of the Indian Ocean.

Serengeti Hippo Pool

If you are willing to put up with the smell, then the Hippo Pool in the Serengeti National Park affords excellent hippo sightings, where hundreds of these large creatures vie for space in a relatively small, muddy pool while river carp jump around in the water.

Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre

Housing a great selection of modern and antique art, the Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre is a place where Tanzania’s past mingles with its present. Explore the history of more than 100 tribes that inhabit the country and pick up carvings, books, gemstones and clothing to take home as souvenirs.

The annual wildebeest migration

Famed the world over as one of the most spectacular natural shows on earth, the great wildebeest migrationmeans thousands of visitors flock to Tanzania every year to witness this impressive event. The action takes place in the Serengeti National Park, as wildebeest and zebra follow age-old migratory paths in search of fresh grazing land.

Old Fort

The Old Fort is the oldest building in Zanzibar and one of Stone Town’s most popular attractions. The edifice, with its pale orange ramparts, was built by Omani Arabs when they seized the island from the Portuguese in 1698. Over the years it has been used to house everything from a prison to a tennis club.

The Rock Restaurant

This unique restaurant in Zanzibar stands amazingly on a rocky outcrop protruding from the middle of the Indian Ocean. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding ocean and has indoor and outdoor seating. You can walk up to the restaurant staircase at low tide, but high tide calls for a boat ride.

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