Things To Do While In Kenya

By Joburg Post

Kenya is a country in East Africa with a coastline on the Indian Ocean. It encompasses savannah, lakes the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. It's also home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos.

Visiting Kenya can be an unforgettable experience and here are some fun things you could do while you are there.

Learn some History at UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Kenya has six unique world heritage sites. They are Lamu Old Town, Fort Jesus, Kenya Lake Systems, Mijikenda Kaya Forests, Mt Kenya National Parks and Lake Turkana National Parks. You can learn a bit of everything there is to know about Kenya and it’s heritage here.

Visit the tribes
Apart from learning about Kenya from their heritage sites, you can experience and learn more about the origin and its essence from the 42 different tribes in and Kenya. Learn about the local culture and lifestyle and spend days in the homes of ethnic communities learning and getting involved in their daily lives. You could travel up North to the lake shores of Lake Turkana, at the El Molo villages and understand the mystery of the smallest tribes of Kenya, or Western Kenya to the Alego Nyangoma Kogelo village, ancestral home to the first black President of the US, Barack Obama. Better yet, the historic ruins of Swahili villages, Gede ruins down South.

Shop for exceptional art, jewellery, crafts and home décor pieces
Visit curio stores and buy perfect pieces to wear. When it comes to jewellery, you can always buy beautiful items in Maasai Market and other flea markets. You can also buy fabric to make clothes, décor items and furniture. Places to visit are Kitengela Glass Art, Kazuri beads.

Taste the best tea and coffee of your life
Kenya boasts the highest quality of tea and coffee, and this explains why Kenyan coffee is used as a blend for many other coffees from around the world, as it is rich in taste. The trip is a sensory experience in itself, complete with a farm tour, factory tour, and coffee-tasting session conducted by a skilled barista. You get to enjoy a great cup of your favourite blend in the lush gardens, surrounded by waterfalls, birds, and unique flowers.


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