The Soil's next musical chapter with Theo Matshoba as new member

By Lindelwa Masuku

South African music sensation, The Soil, is gearing up for their 5th studio album, welcoming Theo Matshoba as their new member while bidding farewell to founder Buhlebendalo Mda.

A thrilling new chapter unfolds in the world of music as The Soil, a beloved South African group, prepares to release their long-awaited 5th studio album. 

The Soil welcomed Theo Matshoba as their new member

While bidding farewell to founding member Buhlebendalo Mda, who embarks on a promising solo career, the group welcomes Theo Matshoba, a vocal powerhouse, as their new member, injecting fresh energy into their harmonious journey.

The spotlight now shines brightly on Theo, whose talent and dynamism are set to enrich The Soil's creative essence. With Theo's exceptional vocal prowess, the group is poised to captivate audiences anew, blending their unique sound with her unique charm.

The Soil is bidding farewell to founder Buhlebendalo Mda.

As The Soil forges ahead with their upcoming album and the promise of a mesmerising single release, fans can anticipate a harmonious fusion of old and new, honouring the group's rich legacy while embracing the exciting possibilities Theo brings to the stage. 

This musical evolution promises a thrilling adventure for The Soil family and music enthusiasts alike, as they embark on this vibrant new chapter together.

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