The Importance Of Travelling Young

By Joburg Post

Travelling is paramount at any stage in your life, however when you travel while you are young you get to discover yourself beyond the limitations of your basic environment. 

Increases Your Emotional Intelligence 

When you travel you meet people from different spheres(backgrounds), this opens your mind to the different kinds of people and allows you to relate more efficiently. It additionally allows you to channel your emotions and learn to not respond reactively. 

You Become More Independent 

You don't have your parents to hold your hand and you are able to make your own decisions.  Being this independent helps mold your street smarts as well as your organisation skills. It pretty much forces you to be a trooper. 

You Become Brilliant At Budgeting 

When you travel you are forced to keep track of spends and calculate currencies, this teaches you to budget more efficiently for your survival and builds a character of financial independence. 

Become A Great Storyteller 

You can write, document moments into stories that are creative and inspiring based on travel experience. You become a natural storyteller because seeing the world and it’s different places allows you to have a mind that is filled with creative ideas. 

Therefore essential travelling while young builds your overall character, being stagnant has never produced results, so see the world, see your province or your small town, do not be confined to one space or environment, this is great for you. 


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