Luma Monate: The chef revolutionizing the Kota Culture in Joburg

By Lindelwa Masuku

With his modern twists on the classic kota, Luma Monate has become a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. Through his culinary skills and passion for food, he is not only satisfying the taste buds of his customers but also preserving and promoting South African culinary heritage.

South Africa is known for its diverse and rich cuisine, and street food is no exception. Among the local street food delicacies, the kota stands out as a unique and delicious option. And when it comes to kotas, Luma Monate is a name that has been making waves in the streets of Johannesburg.

Luma Monate is a street food vendor and chef who is known for revolutionizing the kota culture in Johannesburg. A kota is a South African fast food dish that originated in the townships. It consists of a hollowed-out bread roll filled with various ingredients such as chips, cheese, meat, and vegetables. It is a popular dish among locals and is often sold from small informal stalls or mobile food trucks.