“The ANC has brought us to a free-fall of destruction”: Siviwe Gwarube

By Tshegofatso Makola

Day 1 of the DA Congress is officially underway in what will be the first time the party meets in three years to elect the executive of the party. With the theme for the Congress being ‘A strong DA to build a better future’, the party made it clear throughout of how significant this year’s Congress is.

“South Africans we deserve better”, were the first remarks uttered by the DA’s Siviwe Gwarube in her opening speech of the party’s congress.

This is as thousands of delegates within the party gathered in the Congress to vote on Constitutional amendments as well as its Executive members.
Speaking to delegates, Gwarube criticised the work of the African National Congress (ANC) , referring to it as “the oppressor of its people”. 

She further called on the public to write the people off as a party of the future, adding that the party has displayed a mass disinterest in liberating South Africans from poverty.

Gwarube mentioned load shedding, poverty and the provision of resources for service delivery as some of the issues brought about by the ANC, adding that the DA has done well at addressing these issues despite the ANC refusing its solutions.

“This is why the DA tabled concrete proposals in Parliament in order to cushion many South Africans against the rising cost of living”-Siviwe Gwarube
Following weeks of preparations and engagements, candidates have lobbied ahead of the Congress in what will see a close race in some positions of the DA’s executive.

The Joburg Post (JP) caught up with various leaders and delegates within the party to gain insight on the DA’s plan of action going into this conference. 

“We don’t annoint leaders, we elect leaders ”- Solly Msimanga

Gauteng party leader, Solly Msimanga weighed in on the Congress, refusing to give JP an indication of who his province was backing for the position of Party Leader. 

According to Msimanga, he believes that all members of the party should exercise their individual right to chose who they would like to vote for, adding that “this [the DA] is not an ANC, we don’t have slates”.

With the well-contested position of the DA leader set to have all eyes on its outcome, one will wait in anticipation to see whether former mayor of Johannesburg, Mpho Phalatse will clench the position from John Steenhuisen.

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