Tems' Oscar gown steals the show: 'You don't need to see no other bodyyy'

By Lindelwa Masuku

Move over Lady Gaga, there's a new dress in town and it's taking the internet by storm. Nigerian singer-songwriter Tems made waves at the Oscars with her fashion-forward ensemble, causing both good and bad reactions from the public.

Tems, Nigerian singer-songwriter stole the show at the Oscar Academy Awards

Tems, who was nominated for Best Original Song for her track "Lift Me Up" from "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," wore a stunning white gown that wrapped around the back of her head. 

While many praised her unique and eye-catching style, some were less impressed with her outfit's ability to block the view of other attendees.

One Twitter user quipped, "Imagine waiting your whole life to be at the Oscars and you end up sitting behind a stratus cloud," referring to the dense white cloud that often blocks the sun. Others accused Tems of being "rude" for blocking the view of those behind her.

Tems, Nigerian singer-songwriter stole the show at the Oscar Academy Awards

Despite the criticism, many fans defended Tems and her bold fashion choice. One supporter said, "If you're sitting BEHIND greatness that is known as Tems, then perhaps you're just not that important." Another pointed out that the Oscars likely have large screens for those with obstructed views.

But regardless of the mixed reactions, Tems stole the show in her statement-making gown. And let's be honest, who doesn't want to make a grand entrance like that? As for the public's comments, Tems might just brush them off and say, "You don't need to see no other bodyyy".

For those who may not be familiar with Tems, she is a rising star in the Nigerian music scene. Her soulful voice and unique sound have earned her critical acclaim and a growing fanbase. And now, thanks to her unforgettable Oscars outfit, she's gained even more attention on the global stage.

Tems, Nigerian singer-songwriter stole the show at the Oscar Academy Awards

So, while some may have been frustrated by her blocking their view, there's no denying that Tems' fashion-forward style left a lasting impression on the Oscars.

At the end of the day, whether you loved or hated her dress, there's no denying that Tems made a statement at the Oscars.

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