Soweto's exclusive haven: The Shebeen celebrating Women's month

By Lindelwa Masuku

This Women's Month, Soweto welcomes a unique haven crafted exclusively for women by Brutal Fruit Spritzer. "The Shebeen" isn't just a bar – it's an opulent retreat where safety, elegance, and empowerment converge.

As the nation ushers in Women's Month, a haven emerges in the heart of Soweto, embracing the spirit of feminine strength and camaraderie. The Brutal Fruit Spritzer, renowned for its vibrant concoctions, has unveiled an exquisite pop-up initiative named "The Shebeen." 

Brutal Fruit's first ever Shebeen for women only (Supplied)

With its lavish décor and a mission to provide a space free from discomfort, The Shebeen invites South African women to celebrate their uniqueness.

Tucked away at the crossroads of Masiane and Mmakau streets, The Shebeen conceals its lavish treasures behind a façade reminiscent of traditional South African shebeens. 

Yet, stepping within its confines unveils a breathtaking transformation that took months to conceive. The establishment stands as a testament to international design fusion, born from the creative genius of Tristan Du Plessis. Exuding plush luxury and an unmistakable pink hue, it promises a realm where women can bask in unabashed extravagance.

Brutal Fruit's first ever Shebeen for women only (Supplied)

More than a mere bar, The Shebeen is a bold response to the growing demand for safe, women-centric spaces. It speaks directly to the voices of women who yearn for nights free from discomfort, where laughter and joy can flow unhindered. 

Brutal Fruit's first ever Shebeen for women only (Supplied)

Within its lavish walls, women have a haven where they can celebrate being unapologetically themselves, free from judgement or fear. A dazzling tribute to "She," The Shebeen aims to cultivate a spirit of sisterhood while fostering conversations that propel change.

The vision stretches beyond its gleaming interior, however. This initiative is just the dawn of a greater movement, one that seeks to revolutionise the way public spaces cater to women's needs. 

Brutal Fruit's first ever Shebeen for women only (Supplied)

The hope is to spark a transformative dialogue that makes "Shebeen compliance" a norm – a criterion that embraces women-friendly infrastructure and safety protocols. 

Though the journey may be long, the seeds of change are already being sown through collaborations with stakeholders, including SAB's Responsible Trader Programme.

As the pages of Women's Month unfold, The Shebeen offers an exclusive haven, beckoning women to bask in its splendour. 

Brutal Fruit's first ever Shebeen for women only (Supplied)

It's an invitation to break away from the mundane, to embrace the magic of camaraderie in a setting designed to evoke confidence and beauty. 

With the doors open until the end of August, women across South Africa are invited to step into this oasis of elegance and empowerment, where the spirit of sisterhood takes centre stage and stories of resilience are celebrated.

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