South African DJ Uncle Waffles Set To Perform at Coachella 2023

By Lindelwa Masuku

Lungelihle Zwane, popularly known as Uncle Waffles’ rise to international stardom is quite the story to tell, from going viral on social media to achieving massive success and making it onto Coachella 2023’s lineup

This, without a doubt, makes her our ARTIST OF THE WEEK.

Uncle Waffles instantly became an Amapiano DJ sensation when she went viral in a video, where she’s seen entertaining a crowd in Zone 6, Soweto during a DJ set, her high energy, charisma, and unique style won her over the hearts of millions, and getting her a shoutout from international rapper, Drake.

This video has been retweeted over 37 000 times and is currently sitting on over 5 million views on Twitter since it dropped in October 2021.

Uncle Waffles has been making waves in the music scene since she went viral in October 2021, she has achieved massive success, releasing her amapiano track titled, Tanzania, even releasing her acclaimed EP, Red Dragon which was well received by clubgoers and music lovers in general.

The Swaziland-born star puts in the work, and this shows.

“I started DJ'ing two years ago during the pandemic; it was an eye-opening time for everyone so I took the time to learn, initially just learning to DJ because I had time on my hands. I started learning, then the love came,” she says in an interview on Nigeria’s The Beat 99 FM.

She made the world dance at the Global Citizen Festival in Accra, Ghana in September 2022, the Afrochella festival, which also took place in Ghana, and has extensively toured Africa, on stages in Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania, she reaches an international audience too as we saw her play in France, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, USA, and the UK.

Uncle Waffles is a superstar, and there is no stopping her.
She is definitely making the crowd sweat at Coachella 2023.

“Crying… vomiting… screaming” as she announces on social media in reaction to seeing her name on the Coachella 2023 lineup.


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