Premier David Makhura to handover his resignation letter to the speaker of the Provincial Legislation

By Gauteng Provincial Government by David Makhura

In February this year, 2022 I addressed members of the ANC at the Cadres Assembly attended by branch chairs and secretaries, leaders of regions in our province and the Leagues of our organization. 

In the Assembly of Cadres, I indicated my wish not to stand for the leadership position of the ANC in Gauteng. I had an honour to serve my movement the ANC as its leader in Gauteng for 22 years, first as the Coordinator of the interim leadership core in May 2000; subsequently elected the Provincial Secretary from 2001 to 2014; Deputy Chairperson 2014 to 2018; and Chairperson 2018 to 2022. 

I was honoured to have been elected the 6th Premier of this beautiful province in May 2014 and re-elected in May 2019. I have served the people of Gauteng with humility, and outmost dedication and integrity through the 8 years of my tenure. 

At the 14th ANC Provincial Conference, I passed the baton to the newly elected leadership collective led by comrade Panyaza Lesufi. 

Having worked with many ANC leaders and activist in Gauteng to rebuild and position Gauteng as a significant player in the affairs of the movement and a country at large, I have always contemplated how best to ensure a smooth and seamless transition from the collective I lead in the PEC and in government in order to achieve maximum unity, continuity and change. 

Consequently, I have held several engagements with the leadership of the ANC on the timing and details of the handover in order to ensure a smooth transition in the interest of our province and its people. The ANC has been seized with this matter over the past few weeks and has now completed its internal processes. 

Today, 04th October 2022, I have handed a letter to the Speaker, Honourable Ntombi Mekgwe, to tender my resignation from the position of the Premier of Gauteng and a member of Gauteng Provincial Legislature, effective from 6th October 2022. 

I would like to thank Faith Based Organisation; Organised Business; Civil Society; sport bodies and people of our province for the unwavering support they gave to the Gauteng government during my tenure. Collectively we had challenges but counted many successes. I have no doubt of your continued support to the incoming leadership collective of our province.  

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