Musa Motha: The Inspirational South African Dancer Who Stole Hearts on Britain's Got Talent

By Lindelwa Masuku

South Africa has produced some of the world's most talented artists and entertainers, and Musa Motha is the latest sensation to capture the international stage. This 27-year-old Cancer survivor and amputee dancer from Johannesburg South made history on the latest season of Britain's Got Talent with an audition that touched hearts, leaving both judges and the audience in tears.

Musa's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Diagnosed with a bone cancer called osteosarcoma at the tender age of 11, he faced the unimaginable challenge of having to undergo amputation. At that time, his dream was to become a professional football player, but fate had a different path in store for him.

Despite the setback, Musa's spirit remained unbreakable. He continued to pursue his passion for football, adapting to his new reality. However, it was a dance that found him and opened up a world of possibilities. In 2010, Musa took to the streets, showcasing his incredible moves as a street dancer, breaking barriers and captivating audiences along the way.