"Missing trucks" test the ANC-EFF coalition in Ekurhuleni once again

By Tshegofatso Makola

There seems to be trouble in paradise in Ekurhuleni between the African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), all because of waste pick-up trucks that are alleged to have gone missing. However, this only seems like the tip of the iceberg of the ongoing tensions between the two parties who seem to be struggling to see each other eye to eye.

The Ekurhuleni ANC-led caucus met up once again in yesterday, following what appears to be a while since tensions emerged between the two parties.

Following allegations of the almost 80 waste trucks being stolen made by the EFF leader of the province and Finance MMC in the metro, Nkululeko Dunga last week, these have since been dismantled with the ANC expressing immense criticism towards the EFF.

Dunga alleged that of the 102 supposed trucks within the metro, only 32 were found, a figure that has since been debunked by the ANC.

According to the ANC, these allegations were sensationalised and not true, adding that as of last week, 28 trucks were working, whilst two others were being commissioned for fitment, adding that over 50 of the trucks were approved to be written off by all parties in council.

“In February 2023, council approved Item A-F 16-2023, wherein 53 trucks were recommended for a write-off. The list of those trucks is contained in the report with their registration."-ANC in Ekurhuleni

Despite this, Dunga took to Twitter to accuse the ANC of being "pained" by his party's pro activeness and fieldwork, as well as letting the public know of its findings.

Meanwhile, yesterday's regional caucus meeting saw the ANC criticise the EFF once more for what it has described as involving itself in administrative matters.

This as, Dunga met with service providers, for what he has said was due to complaints regarding non-payment. 

According to the ANC's acting regional chairperson, Jongizizwe Dlabathi, the EFF should have dealt with this matter internally, adding that Dunga should have gotten a report   from the administration to undersatnd the circumstances under which some of the invoices were not paid.

There seems to be immense trouble in paradise, which can be seen to have begun when the party's were given joint responsibility over the Mayoral Committee, having five positions each. 

With the ANC having snubbed the inauguration of the Mayoral Committee over numerous occasions, with the most recent one allegedly due to negotiations that needed to take place, it is clear that the ANC and EFF are set to face a tough couple of months leading up to the general elections.

Will the next few months see both parties at national level decide to halt their partnership at municipal level, or will peace be restored in Ekurhuleni?

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