Launching uMuthi Othithi record label: Blaq Diamond's anthem of empowerment

By Lindelwa Masuku

Dynamic South African duo, Blaq Diamond, emerges stronger after a legal battle with Ambitiouz Entertainment, unveiling their brainchild - uMuthi Othithi, a platform dedicated to empowering fresh talent. 

Blaq Diamond, the dynamic duo that conquered charts and hearts, is embarking on a new journey.

Emerging from a legal battle with Ambitiouz Entertainment, they're set to redefine the industry's landscape with their brainchild - uMuthi Othithi.

Siphelele and Ndumiso - Blaq Diamond. Starting their own record label - uMuthi Othithi record label. Image Supplied.

Breaking free from the shackles of a traditional record label, Siphelele and Ndumiso are crafting a legacy of empowerment. 

uMuthi Othithi isn't just a label; it's a nurturing ground for burgeoning talent. Their vision is a symphony of mentorship, envisioning a future where artists cultivate artists.

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