IEC Ballot Boxes Found On Roadside In Limpopo

By Joburg Post

Errence Mash was driving towards Tzaneen when he saw one ballot box next to the road.

“I decided to turn around. On closer inspection I found three more folded boxes inside,” 

he told the Letaba Herald.

Mash left the ballot boxes on the scene, as he was scared that he might get in trouble with the law if it was found in his possession.

Instead, he posted a live video on Facebook, in the hopes that authorities would see it and act accordingly.

Mash told the Letaba Herald that the SAPS contacted him on Monday morning.

“I’ve escorted them this morning to the scene and it is now in their possession,” 

he said.

At this stage, it is assumed that the boxes got lost during transportation to a voting station in the Tzaneen area destined for the elections on Wednesday.

Joburg Post will continue to follow the story as it unfolds


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