Empowering women: Highlights from the Agenda Women Summit 2023

By Lindelwa Masuku

The Agenda Women Summit 2023, held as the culmination of Women's Month, united women from diverse backgrounds in a weekend of empowerment. With key speakers like Lira and Sinovuyo Mondliwa, the event covered topics from holistic empowerment to building successful businesses.

The recently concluded Agenda Women Summit 2023 proved to be a fitting finale to Women's Month, bringing together women from diverse backgrounds and life stages for a transformative experience. 

The event, held over the weekend, featured a dynamic lineup of speakers and engaging sessions that left attendees inspired and empowered. 

Sinovuyo Mondliwa, the visionary founder of Love Kinks, radiates both poise and determination. Image supplied

Among the notable key speakers were Lira, the South African musician known for her uplifting music, and Sinovuyo Mondliwa, the founder of Love Kinks, a trailblazing hair care brand for natural hair.

Lira's Living Well Fireside Chat on Holistic Empowerment captivated the audience as she shared her journey as a multi-platinum-selling singer, songwriter, model, entrepreneur, and author. 

A mesmerising moment captured from Lira's powerful presence on stage, embodying grace and strength. Image supplied

Her commitment to spreading positivity and embracing her African heritage resonated deeply, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and breaking boundaries. 

Sinovuyo Mondliwa's Working Smart Masterclass, focused on Decoding Beauty, offered insights into building a successful beauty business. 

Her brand, Love Kinks, seeks to empower black women by providing luxurious yet accessible hair care accessories and products, fostering a stronger relationship with oneself.

A snapshot of the driving force behind the Agenda Women movement, Nomndeni Mdakhi, exuding an aura of empowerment and leadership. Image supplied

Throughout the event, thought-provoking masterclasses delved into various topics, including the Creator Economy, the Wellness Economy, building impactful corporate careers, achieving financial independence, and understanding money habits. 

The Mentor Power Hour further amplified the value of networking and learning from accomplished individuals. As this year's summit draws to a close, the resonating message is clear: unity, growth, and empowerment. 

Distinguished panelists, illuminated by the glow of shared insights, engage in dialogue with an attentive audience. Image supplied

Looking ahead, the call to attend next year's summit is irresistible, ensuring women continue to find a platform to learn, connect, and thrive collectively.

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