Tanzania set to be South Africa's solution to the electricity crisis

By Tshegofatso Makola

The state visit of Tanzanian President, Samia Hassan has proven to be quite successful, with a solution to South Africa's electricity crisis seemingly on the horizon. This is as both countries spoke about the Energy Action Plan, among other important issues.

President Cyril Ramaphosa hosted his Tanzanian counterpart, President Samia Hassan, for an official state visit at the Union Buildings in Pretoria today in what saw the resumption of the South Africa-Tanzania Bi-national Commission and the conclusion of President Hassan's first visit to the country since her election as President in 2021.

The two nations have quite some history, with many anti-Apartheid struggle stalwarts in South Africa having taken refuge in Tanzania as well as the establishment of African National Congress (ANC) headquarters in the country.

"Tanzania gave shelter and comfort to our freedom fighters. The solidarity and protection afforded to us by the people of Tanzania sustained us in our fight against an oppressive state."- President Cyril Ramaphosa

With the current electricity crisis in South Africa being an ongoing issue, this did not go unmentioned, as the two heads of state spoke on increasing trade between the nations, with South Africa having signed two memoranda of agreement with  Tanzania, to get electricity from the country.

Speaking on the electricity crisis, Ramaphosa expressed the importance of transparency when dealing with the country’s plans to fix load shedding.

Meanwhile, among the other matters discussed between both countries, include the agriculture and mining as well as the use of natural resources.

"For the people of the Republic of South Africa, and the United Republic of Tanzania, this means more trade, more investment opportunities, more transfer of technology, more education opportunities and more cultural interactions."- President Samia Hassan of Tanzania

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