Cholera deaths in Gauteng rises to 20

By Neo Poho

While a total number of 179 patients with cholera symptoms has been seen at the Jubilee District Hospital, the number of people who have died of cholera in Hammanskraal, outside Tshwane, has risen to 20.

This is according to an update from the national health department on Thursday afternoon as the health department encouraged people to boil water and use a disinfectant amid the cholera outbreak in the city.

"The number of laboratory confirmed cases of cholera is standing at 29 and to date, 20 people have passed on from the disease, and the total number of patients admitted due to gastrointestinal infection is 78," Mohale said.

The Gauteng education department has also embarked on an urgent water delivery plan at 61 schools in Hammanskraal, to provide access to clean and drinkable water for pupils and staff.

Meanwhile, Free State Health MEC Mathabo Leeto was concerned about the increasing number of cholera cases in the Ngwathe local municipality.

This comes after a 33 year-old female from Vredefort in Free State died after being admitted to the Parys Hospital while a three year-old child passed away in hospital too after receiving medical treatment last week after allegedly displaying symptoms of cholera.

Free State education spokesperson, Steve Mabona reiterated that teaching and learning had not been affected due to the cholera outbreak in the area because schools had benefitted from the supply of water by the municipality however, there were water shortages since schools were sharing with the community.

Mabona furthermore alluded that two other children were hospitalised after showing similar symptoms, but were discharged on Wednesday.

As the outbreak keeps on spreading and moving to other parts of the country, boiling water is an effective way to prevent cholera and filtration may also be necessary in addition to boiling water by using a piece of clean white cloth to cover the opening of the water container, pour water through the clean cloth into the container and clean the cloth and make sure it is clean for future use.

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