Beyoncé x Balmain: Inside the co-created Renaissance Collection

By Lindelwa Masuku

Beyoncé has collaborated with Olivier Rousteing of Balmain to create a wearable album, with each song on her latest album, Renaissance, having a custom couture look designed for it.

The collaboration has resulted in a collection of 17 beautiful Renaissance couture looks that blend both Beyoncé and Rousteing's visions seamlessly. 

The Beyoncé x Balmain collection is a historic moment because a Black woman has never overseen a couture collection for a Parisian fashion house. 

Beyoncé has announced a new collaboration with Balmain, after separating from Ivy Park x Adidas due to it not reflecting her personal brand and style. 

Courtesy of Balmain

The new collaboration with Balmain is a Renaissance-inspired collection, where each song on Beyoncé's latest album, "Renaissance," has a custom couture look designed for it. 

Beyoncé and Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain, have worked together for years, making this collaboration seem fitting. 

The collection is a historical moment, as a Black woman has never overseen a couture collection for a historical Parisian fashion house. 

The collection features 17 beautiful looks that will take you to a visual space of Renaissance, blending both Beyoncé and Rousteing's visions seamlessly. 

Courtesy of Balmain

The Beyoncé X Balmain collection is a wearable album, and the co-designers have been working in partnership for the past five months, whittling down Rousteing's 50 sketches into a playlist of 17 couture looks that honor both the history of the house and the musical heritage of the performer.

The collection co-created by Olivier Rousteing and Beyoncé was inspired by the Renaissance album. Each look was designed with a certain track and lyric in mind. 

Look 1 “I’m That Girl” 

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 2 “Cozy” 

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 5 “Energy (01)” 

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 6 “Break My Soul” 

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 7 “Church Girl” 

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 8 "Plastic Off the Sofa"

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 9 "Virgo's Groove"

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 10 "Move"

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 12  "Thique"

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 13 "All Up in Your Mind"

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 15 "Pure/Honey"

Courtesy of Balmain

Look 16 "Summer Renaissance"

Courtesy of Balmain

The A-side looks are a result of the collaboration, with two already seen at the Grammys and the BRIT Awards earlier this year, and a few others set to be revealed elsewhere. 

Rousteing and Beyoncé hope that their collaboration will inspire others in the fashion industry to break down barriers and open doors.

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