Back To The Core

By Elsa Storm

Whether you want to have some relief from your back pain or just want to get rid of the softness around your abdominal area, you need to get down and do some exercise.  To put a stop to all your physio visits, you need to prevent further injury by strengthening your core muscles.  That is also the pillars of strength holding your body together, keeping it balanced and providing you with a good posture and body alignment.

It does not need a rocket scientist to tell us that the spinal column gets support from the strong opposing muscles, which we find in the abdominals.  The entire spinal column needs stabilization from strong core muscles.
Most of the population suffers from repetitive trauma which is a creation from the modern way of living – the way you sit in your car, in front of your desk, lying on the couch and many more long-lasting positions which fill your daily existence on earth.  

Through repetitive trauma, the body creates fault lines, postural distortions, muscular imbalances, areas of vulnerability, which pull your pelvis and spine out of its natural healthy alignment.  These conditions, which were created by a condition called Crossed Syndrome, get made worse by not having a stable core or body alignment. 

 The damage from repetitive trauma and crossed syndrome keeps building up over the years.  Pinched nerves, disc problems – all these finally come to the fore to make you aware of what you have done and most importantly what you have NOT done.  You can reach down to pick up something from the floor or stretch out upwards to the top shelve, which could make you aware for the first time that YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.
It is so amazing that humans still prefer to treat the symptom but not prevent the cause.  Is it so hard to LISTEN and put in a bit of maintenance work into your “house” you live in? Strangely enough, the car gets sent for regular services?  Maybe when “Ai” will finally take over the run of the entire human existence, it might be easier to listen when you’re talking watch locks up your house and does not allow you to go to work before engaging in your 20 minutes back and core program?
Another common phenomenon is that most “back problem” individuals want to always treat the actual spot where they feel the pain.  Sure, the body’s only way of communication is through pain or a great feeling of wellbeing. The cause of the pain will not necessarily be resolved merely by “stretching” it.  This method could be making it even worse. 
There are also those who think that the actual “back” is weak and that the back alone needs strengthening.  Most probably, in many cases, the back is already the source doing all the work due to THE CORE MUSCLES THAT ARE TOTALLY WEAK!

Another interesting group under the “back problem” community is the “resting” crowd.  So, yes, pain is debilitating (caused by your own life journey) and that makes you feel that you should REST the muscles more!  This method will simply weaken the problem areas more.   The stiffness in the back through immobility is one of the major causes of the painful emotion.   
Too little thought gets given to the human anatomy – the actual skeletal system – the BONES.  Are you thinking bones when you get a sore back? Be honest – or are you thinking back muscles, massage, heat pad, lying down, yoga.  Start changing your mindset about yourself and start moving – around.  Start focusing on the way you move, you sit while texting, eating, driving.  It might be time to have the inner part of your body straightened out before working on the outside parts.  Most of the time, while working under the care of a professional, you will be told and shown where your weaknesses are and how the compensations originated.  An easy to do maintenance program will be given to you and during this process, you will also get to know more about yourself – without pain!  Yes, you can live a pain-free enjoyable life on this earth, but a little effort is needed, especially if you are already in a place where your lifestyle forced you to seek help. 
There is always a solution to the toughest equation.
Make that decision and take the first step towards pain-free living.


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