Apps You Must Have When You Travel

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While trying to put together some money for travel, you need to be sure to have a set plan and structure for your travels. We look at apps you need, to make your travel easy, they  are free but some have premium options. However, by downloading them now and setting up the accounts, you’ll stay motivated to see your travel plans through.


With Airbnb, you can either rent individual rooms in someone’s house or an entire apartment. The platform puts you in touch with locals who rent out rooms, apartments – even couches – and you can get amazing deals and hidden gems if you tweak the search filters a little bit.

The app handles everything pertaining to the transaction for you, from finding the host, to paying for your stay. Protip: When you connect your Gmail account to Airbnb, they will get access to your contact list. If you don’t want that to happen, sign up with an email specifically set aside for newsletters and junk mail.


Much like Airbnb, Hostelworld sorts out your accommodation crisis for you. Search for accommodation using an interactive map, get all the information you need and read reviews from other travellers.

With Hostelworld you’ll save on accommodation costs, and it will also suggest activities and tourist attractions in the area which might be of interest. Add different filters to your searches to find the perfect accommodation for you.

Trail Wallet

When you set out on your travels, money might be the last thing you want to worry about. We know, you just want to enjoy your time away from away, chase adventures and experience new things. But the entire trips could go very sour very quickly if you’re not clever with your financials.

With Trail Wallet, you can keep track of your expenses. It allows you to organise by trip or by or by month. Set a daily budget to ensure you don’t overspend and it is straightforward to update the app and add new transactions.


The easiest way, by far, to find cheap flights. The app collects data from more than 1,200 sources to ensure you get the best options available. It will also compare flights for the most affordable and most accessible routes.

A particularly useful feature is the chart that allows you to see which days of the months to get the best deals. Fly to anywhere in the world and use Skyscanner to get your say. More than 60 million people use Skyscanner.


Roadtrippers  lets you build custom travel itineraries. You can plot your route directly from the app, or via their website. The app will then show you exciting attractions along the way, scenic locations and where to get a meal.

You can set up your interests in advance so that the app will show you what you want to see. Then, share the route with your friends or travel buddies. It’s flexible to use, and you can change or add more stops as you go.

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