The unorthodox style of David Blaq: A game changer in African photography

By Lindelwa Masuku

David Blaq, popularly known as "Ntja Kasi," is a household name in the South African photography and creative industry. He has created a niche for himself with his unorthodox and focused style, contributing to the emergence of a futuristic narrative of a creative Africa. His work has been recognised by prominent brands such as Netflix, Brutal Fruit, Samsung, and Coach New York.

David's career is multi-faceted and vibrant, and he has been involved in almost every significant production or prominent imagery in the broader creative landscape. He has also been approached by various educational institutions to provide photography workshops for their students.

David's work is not limited to fashion and editorial photography. He sees these genres as windowpanes to a world that is both delighted and lively with turmoil. His sharp lighting and genius for capturing moments as mementos are what define him as an artist.

In his own words, "Two things define an artist: the use of technique and their unique way of viewing the world, and David paints that five years vividly." The body of work showcased in "Half A Decade" embodies this sentiment, taking the viewer on a journey through David's unique lens.

David's impact on the industry is significant, and his career trajectory is proof that the South African and Sub-Saharan creative sphere is thriving. His work challenges the traditional notions of African art and photography, creating a platform for new and exciting narratives that push the boundaries of creativity.

David Blaq is a force to be reckoned with in the South African and Sub-Saharan art scene. His unique approach to photography and his unrelenting dedication to his craft have made him a household name in the industry. With the launch of "Half A Decade," David has added another milestone to his already impressive career, solidifying his position as one of the region's most innovative and dynamic artists.

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