What's On Everyone's Lips: Shona Ferguson Laid To Rest

By Phumzile Mavimbela

Veteran actor and producer Shona Ferguson who was married to popular actress and producer Connie Ferguson was buried on Wednesday morning in a private ceremony attended by his family as well as close friends. Mr Sho as he was famously known, passed away last week Friday at Milpark hospital due to Covid-19 complication.

The announcement of his death brought many to tears to the nation as a whole, his dedication and hard work have touched thousands of lives in South Africa and abroad. Sharing moments of encounter with him, his family, industry colleagues, and friends described Mr Sho as a man of great affection. His love for people as well as his family was conspicuous even on social media as he used to post videos and photos of him and his family, He will be remembered for pioneering a legacy Ferguson's Films which has created employment for many aspiring actors as well as became a platform that birthed some of Mzansi's great stars in the film and television industry.

In a touching Tribute, his wife Connie expressed her pain and grief but highlighted that above all Mr Sho was a great man who did not withhold love and affection to all those he encountered. 

Connie's Tribute: 
“My love, my skatpie, never in a million years would I be in this position that I am today, speaking as I am today without your physical presence. Sho', I thought you and I were going to grow old together. That's what I saw, that's what I saw for us. That's always been the dream,” she said.

“I never anticipated where we are today, God brought you into my life 20 years ago, and I anticipated another 20 years with you.

“I remember when we'd see elders at Cresta Mall walking while holding hands. We'd look at them and go, 'look at us at a couple of years', and we'd hold hands if we weren't holding hands already. I nursed you for 28 days.” 

“I have never known anyone with your fighting spirit. Even on the hospital bed, you defied the odds so many times.

I'm hurting right now, my heart is bleeding.  I was not ready for you to go, the girls were not ready for you to go. When you became sick ... I don't think we've ever prayed so much in our lives, we prayed and believed God for your healing.

“I think I'm beginning to understand that God heals differently. I can't imagine my life without you Sho', the past couple of days have been almost like a dream ... What I do know for sure my love is that you are walking with the Lord and you have been preparing for this day all your life.” 

Mzansi has truly lost a great giant but his work lives on and will continue touching and changing lives. Rest in peace Mr Sho 

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