Kid-Koki Releases A 9 Track EP.

By Phumzile Mavimbela

The 23rd April 2021 marked a brand new journey for the Pretoria’n Kid-Koki. Born Koketso Lentsaone grew up in the colourful and welcoming suburb of Atteridgeville released his 9 track EP Grown A$$ Kid on April 23rd. This digital Music Graduate encapsulates all the traits made for industry greatness. Through his diverse upbringing, it has led him to appreciate various sounds and amalgamate this assortment into his craft. “Music was constantly around me growing up”. As a young boy living with his extended family, his uncle who couldn't fall asleep without the sound of the radio inheritably gifted Koki the same nightly routine, Kid-Koki now not only lives music but dreams music too.

In his early teens he formed part of a group called ‘Anthem Park Entertainment’ the group received credible recognition from the likes of Khuli Chana and more, this evoked Kid Koki’s calling and honed him toward a career within entertainment.

The 9 track EP which can be purchased or streamed on all music platforms worldwide has been curated with impeccable taste. The EP gives a young perspective of a young man growing up in Mzansi and doing everything possible to come out on top. Through carefully collaborative efforts the sound of the EP carries a type of ‘Pretoria truth’ in light of its symbolic use of ‘Petori’ jargon and untapped earthy bars found in his lyrics. Through the ‘Kid Koki’ production vision he created an EP with lows and highs of emotion which is evident in each track, we are enveloped in a world created by Koki, we start off;

In A Maze, featuring Les B and Skillo, a plethora of emotions around being able to stand firm and win in any situation, the broken bars accompanied with soft keys gives an alluring feeling. Kid-Koki goes a step further and asks if this is how it’s;

Supposed To Be, with entice to the earworm this track uses soft progressions and orchestra strings to embody the question.

By Myself, which is the last track on the EP and actually ties the EP together and rounds off the ground breaking message that the artist Kid-Koki is trying to dispatch, he talks about being a unique success through hard work and self motivation.

There are six more tracks laid on this EP, which cultivates the hip hop culture in Pretoria and across Africa. The message is simple; our African Youth may not come from financial privilege but if we strive for greatness then riches are within reach.

Sa Ba Hambisa, which is the single extracted from the EP and is currently being promoted on various Radio and TV platforms has been well received.
The track is like all tracks on the Album a well bodied life experience bottled into an authentic Mzansi Hip-hop cologne.  

A textured balance of hard and soft elements, ‘Sa Ba Hambesa’, was created ahead of its time as the track was not only created from a masterful production viewpoint but also serves high purpose through a stimulatingly motivational message. A true product of artistry and distinct uniqueness that can only be found through life experience.

“I take inspiration in how I live and how I grew up. I grew up around privileged kids. This pushed me to level up and kinda up my game; The message I am trying to convey is, As much as I am a Grown A$$ Kid I am making a living through a job and doing things for myself, being my own man and standing on my own feet. I have my parents to thank for their support and belief in everything I do. This one's for Moms and Pops.” - Kid-Koki

Kid-Koki intends on releasing a full body of work in late 2021 and to strategically release a few singles as a build up to the upcoming project. The Koki journey also includes expanding his existing clothing line into the mainstream music industry.

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