Joburg's Ground Breaking Entrepreneurs.

By Phumzile Mavimbela

 Seeing good even in the darkest adversity is a good trait to possesses. There is always a  place between a rock and hard place and that place is called opportunity. While economic recession pushed people over the edge it also allowed others to search within themselves and explore  greatness which they never new existed because the 'business as usual' type of approach to life can cause one to do that which needs to be done  in order to make ends meet and neglect their greatest potential. 

Well, the lock down forced people to pause and think and this period of calm surely did invoke the long silenced innovation within certain people who decided to turn their lemons into lemons.  It was beautiful beholding the birthing of new business through such trying times. While others started new business others explored different business avenues and saw opportunities which enabled them to blossom in their arrears of expertise. Today we salute young local entrepreneurs who rose above the dust and set their eyes above the mountains while doing what they love in the midst of a global pandemic. These are Joburg's Post Top 2020 Local Entrepreneurs who are set to raise the bar in the year 2021.   

Jabulile Masombuka : JGB Luxury Picnics and Graze

Jabulile Masombuka is  a cheese and wine fanatic hailing from the streets of KwaThema in the East of Johannesburg. Jabulile Masomuka is an entrepreneur who has turned her love for good cheese and a nice glass of wine on a sunny  self care Sunday afternoon into an income revenue. She started an Events and Catering  company seeking to bring the taste of the north to the streets of her neighborhood.

Masombuka is an entrepreneur, fulltime professional, mother of three and partner who  has managed to align her love for good food with her ambition to create a side hustle which is set to build a generational legacy for her children. She started her business JGB Luxury Picnics and Graze focused on events, graze platters picnic setups and more in the year 2018. She then decided to venture into workshops and endeavors directed at imparting knowledge to other local entrepreneurs in her community.

Michelle Lima : Lavish Beauty Bar 

Michelle Lima a Television Talk Show Host and entrepreneur is surely shaking the streets of Joburg. Lima started an events and décor company at the age of 18 in 2015 after working as a wedding and events coordinator in Muildersdrift for a number of years.

She then founded her own he own company Lavish Creations which later  went on to expand as a marketing and events creative agency because of her marketing qualification. This young entrepreneurs passion has been to always make things beautiful and being a part of peoples experiences while doing that was a dream come true for her. 

In 2020 Feb she went on to pursue a childhood dream, which is opening a beauty salon called Lavish Beauty Bar. Currently she is running both the events and marketing creative agency and the beauty bar. 

Thando Stephens:  ZII Gallo Socks

Thando Stephans is the founder & Creative Director of Sock Brand ZII GALLO SOCKS  a Culturally inspired and African printed socks brand which is said to narrate  African stories.  ZII Gallo is a township slang which means "Available" or "Many". The inspiration behind the name is his desire to produce an African Brand which is available and accessible to all cultures

Stephans is also a radio host, Artist, Entrepreneur & Speaker  who is certain that through passion and dedication any young person can push boundaries and move mountains. Not only is he a budding business man his passion also lies deeply in enriching others as well as the community. He is involved in  a Non Profit Organisation called Sovuka Sikhanye which is  dedicated to motivating as well as  donating basic needs to students in and outside of the radius of Joburg.

Lethlogonolo Thela :  Ethnic Chic Organics 

Ethnic Chic Organics is a company that I started to clear skin problems as naturally as one possibly can
It reduces the production of melanin in the skin responsible for making dark patches or marks appear darker and by extension, makes one lighter with consistent application.
Letlhogonolo Thela is the founder of Ethnic Chic Organics, a company she started to clear skin problems as naturally as one possibly can. " I’m my own customer having tried and seen the progress that the “Citrus Goodness” had on my skin. I mixed it with my then facial product and realized that the Acne Scars were no longer as deep as they had been. " she said

In realising she then decided to pair it with Shea Butter known for its richness in Vitamin A and E, now my formula also Vitamin C. My products heal all kinds of issues from Melasma; Eczema; Acne Scars and dark marks or blemishes. 
Although she started with just Shea Butter with Citrus Goodness, her plans are to definitely expand to facial creams; Body lotions and oils; face masks etc. she  equally hopes to supply hotels and Guest houses; and to also be a supplier of Shea Butter from Ghana too. 

"A girl can only dream." She adds

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