Ramaphosa Says Men Must Change Their Behavior.

By Phumzile Mavimbela

Addressing the public, 
as the country was in  celebration of reconciliation day and as the country 
concludeds the commemoration of the sixteen days of Activism for no violence against the abuse of women and children. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa stressed the need for men to play an active role on protecting women and children.

Ramaphosa said that we can never achieve reconciliation for as long as the women of our country, who constitute half of our population – live in fear of gender-based violence.

He encouraged the need to stand firm in rejection of all forms of violence against women and children. 

"We must all play our part in supporting survivors of gender-based violence and respect the rights of women and children in our families and in our communities."

The President further said that the time has come for men to reject all forms of sexism, chauvinism and patriarchy. More 
so men we must be integrally involved in this struggle, because it is men who are the perpetrators.

"We should be ashamed that women and children are afraid of being in the company of unfamiliar men; of being followed home by men; and of being beaten up, harassed, abused, raped or killed by men."

He added that It is not women and girls who must change their behaviour. It is men who must change.

In concluding the 16 days of Activism commemoration  
for No Violence against Women and Children. 
Ramaphosa encouraged  men to sustain thier activism throughout the year. 

He also called on all the men of South Africa to support the Golekane Campaign of the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, which seeks to promote positive masculinity and behavioural change.

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