Friday Motivation : Never Question Your Worth

By Phumzile Mavimbela

 The normality of life has taught us to define our worth by wealth. However what truly makes you who you are is it not rubies or diamonds but the riches and the depth of your soul. Materials do not matter because it is  YOU and YOUR essence which matters . You are more than enough.

You are  more than enough, your background, family tree, neighborhood, experiences,  pain,  joy and all other components that your journey has endured have packaged a perfect final product. Well thing is, the encounters and experiences which I may at times wish to erase are sadly more than enough to make me who I am supposed to be. Everything is the perfect combination backed by the perfect ingredients to make you  the best you can possibly be.

So many times you  have looked at the family you have been raised in and counted the eras and pointed the solutions which could make it a perfect family, BUT NO it is more than enough.
What makes  you enough is not what the world says  you have to be. What makes you enough is being the best you possible can be.

You are  am more than enough, because there's only one you . You are enough for your  dreams,  enough for  your career, enough to own that beautiful house and that car. YES YOU ARE  ENOUGH to be all that only you can be. WHO SAID  YOU ARE  NOT?  comparing yourself to others  can make you feel inadequate. Well guess what? you don't  have to subscribe to the next persons notion of success.  You may not have it all figured out today. However, who can ever know what tomorrow holds? How can you in your  personal capacity, with so much potential and capabilities of achieving the impossible begin living your life through the lenses of the next person ? 

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