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Have you forgotten how you used to spend your weekends Pre Covid19? Are you wondering if the streets of Joburg are still packed with fun, buzz and vibrancy? Well, the answer to this is a definite YES. As things are slowly getting back to normal some people are wondering if things  will ever go  back to how they used to be. Joburg has certainly not lost its glitz and glam. It still remains the city of lights and a city that knows no sleep.

You do not have to look hard to find the coolest places to go to around the city, whether it be with friends, boy friend, girl friend or an outing with your family. Today we just catch up on some of the coolest things to do when you are around Johannesburg

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Joburg has the coolest parks 

If you are looking to have some fun and you are still on tight budget due to the lock down . Look no further, Joburg has the coolest parks where you can go to with your mates on a  nice Saturday afternoon. You can check out some of these cool parks with no entrance fee

Johannesburg Botanic Gardens

If green grass, flowers and wild life  is not your ideal seen . Joburg also has a very vibrant night life, with limitless options.  There is but one similarity in this diversity and that is FUN. If you are planning on distressing after such  a hard and trying season then the bright lights of the streets of joburg in a dark night should satisfy your desire these are the coolest places you can check out.


Melville has a variety if restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs enough to keep you are awake the entire night. The places are easy to navigate and it very easy to blend in.


It is normally said that if you want to find the coolest kids in joburg, then Braamfontein is the place to go to. This is where you find the coolest skills showcasing the coolest and  unique dress sense. Braam also has a variety of restaurants and clubs.


Maboneng is sure to give you the ultimate experience of South African culture. This area has diverse restaurants, food markets , art exhibitions, clothing markets and hotels . It its where culture meets entertainment .
Maboneng, Johannesburg


The 1970's the streets of Soweto have been packed with what can be referred to as the all time Kasi flavour. This neighborhood has many options to explore from historical-icons which have become some of the best tourist attraction in the country, to a variety of food , fun and spots to try out. This should keep you busy at any day of the week.
Orlando Towers , Soweto

These are some of greatest locations Joburg has to offer. However the are many other fantastic places to visit. We will touch base on them on our next FUN THINGS TO DO AROUND JOBURG   article. The city and its surrounding towns have the most amazing and beautiful places to check out. What is most amazing is their value for money and tailor made options. 


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