Hit or Miss : BET Awards Red Carpet 2019

By Joburg Post

The red carpet is the spotlight for all the fashion enthusiast to show case their best in fashion, the stars come out to play in thier different styles, some stood out in the best way and others just missed the mark. Here are a of my HIT or MISSES of the BET awards red carpet 2019:

Mary J Bilge (Singer)

The epitome of black don't crack, this gown was a definite HIT for  American singer-songriter Mary J Blige.

Nomzamo Mbatha (Actress)

Nomzmo Mbatha know hows to make everything look good, she represented african fashion in this amazing Tanzanian based fashion Loin Cloth & Ashes . A total HIT!

Sho Majozi (Rapper)

The award winng star Sho majozi Totally MISSED the plot in this garment, personally it all seems too much, what happened to simplicity is key. Congratulations to her for the win though!

Jidenna Theodore Mobisson (Rapper)

Classic and easy, his look stood out with our even doing much the small detail on his shirt did everything without even being beyond the norm. A definite HIT for this birght and simple out, I mean why complicate it!

lil-Kim (rapper)

Who let you out the house looking like that! This is a dissaster a total MISS is you ask me, she  needs to rethink her stylist.


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