Always Tired?

By Elsa Storm

Walking around with a coffee in the hand all day long just to try and wake up?  Feeling tired from the very minute you open your eyes in the morning?  Have you ever investigated what the true cause of this lifeless existence is? 
The reason for me putting pen to paper is because I come across this “condition” on a daily basis.  Since the beginning of January this year I started gathering data on those who complain the most.  It is not always easy for individuals to face the truth as they have fallen prey to “habit,” which becomes a comfort zone.  From this zone they also demand much attention with their never ending complaining about how tired they are. Subconscious programming also leads to some of the causes that have “tiredness” as a result. 
It is always amazing how natural it is to some to book the car in for any minor noise, and when it comes to the daily complaining of how tired they are, it seems they are quite happy with the attention from those they complain to. 
I found the following complaints to be the most common under my test group.
STRESS – common excuse.  “I am very stressed”, but they do nothing about it!  If you know that you are not coping at work, or at home or with yourself, or a situation, book yourself in with a psychologist.  These professionals get paid to listen to your dilemmas and also to provide pathways to follow in order for you to get to the other side.  Of course “stress” elevates your levels of cortisol, which in turn increases inflammation in your body and finally leads to less energy production.  The inflammation will lead to you eating lots of sugary foods, which leads to excess weight, which in turn will lead to health problems and definitely less exercise.  To be human means you will have to deal with challenging situations.  To deal with them successfully, you rely on your health – mentally and physically.  Avoid negative situations – negative people, negative news – your own situation needs all your attention to prevent jumping on the spiral that leads to pure disaster.
Some of the very obvious causes are embedded in a person’s lifestyle.  Let’s look at some of the common ones:
  • No or too much exercise
  • Unhealthy, unbalanced eating
  • Inadequate hydration or unhealthy beverages
  • Bad habits e.g. smoking, alcohol, drugs
  • Some Medications and lack of health
  • Sleep – too much, too little, bad quality
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Anti social lifestyle
  • Lack of balance in your life
Of course it’s not easy to create BALANCE.  If you succeed in the creation of balance, you will live a “happy” and fulfilling life.

Exercise assists in energy-producing brain chemicals.  A good exercise program will strengthen muscles and bones, which in turn leads to an individual being healthier, and also more efficient in conserving energy.  Eating a balanced diet where all nutrients are present, will provide you with the necessary health and energy to get through your day without feeling tired.  Organising and managing your life will provide enough time for sleep and family and exercise.  It is important to fill your life with the right people – positive quality and not just quantity. 
Be PROACTIVE not just REACTIVE.  And try to be the positive person others would like to be with.
STOP complaining and START living! WAKE UP!!


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