Farm To Fork Culinary Safari, Johannesburg

The urban metropolis of Johannesburg is not a city associated with agriculture. Even though it is home to the planet’s largest urban forest, it is a financial centre, not a farming centre.Residents and visitors alike are surprised to dis...

Joburg Post·over 1 year ago

Graffiti Is An Eye-Catching Way To Create Lively Spaces In Cities

Whether it’s tagging (the stylised writing of an individual or crew’s name), posters, stickers, installations, murals or mosaics, graffiti has always been a contentious issue. Countries like the US, UK and Australia have adopted aggressi...

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The Best Coffee Shops In Johannesburg

Get your caffeine fix at mzansi's best coffee shops, here are a few you should know and visit in Johannesburg.

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The Best Breakfast And Brunch Places In Johannesburg

Here are some of Johannesburg's best brunch and breakfast resturants that you need to try.

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Modjadji In Absentia

Emerging South African director Carla Fonseca and her cast of four actors tackle the dilemma of what it is to live in a time of societal drought in South Africa today, with a new play, Modjadji in Absentia. Through combining different st...

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Coffee Chocolate Expo

The biggest Coffee Chocolate Expo in Africa comes to Joburg, showcasing products and services that specialize in the two decadent tastes of Coffee and Chocolate. A variety of experiences are available for all visitors such as: a chocolat...

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Anxiety in Johannesburg: new views on a global South City

Within the media and popular culture of the global north, cities like Johannesburg, South Africa, are often presented as a site of trouble. They’re the source of the immigrants, drugs, violence, poverty, disease and environmental crisis ...

Cobus van Staden & Nicky Falkof·4 months ago