Straight From The Streets of Joburg: ZII Gallo Socks Is Shaking The Streets

ZII Gallo is a brand that hails from the streets of Joburg. The brand was founded by a young Thando Imam Stephans a radio host, Artist,Entrepreneur & Speaker who is certain that through passion and dedication any young person can push b...

Phumzile Mavimbela·4 months ago

The profile of South African entrepreneurs surviving against unbelievably heavy odds

Survivalist entrepreneurs are determined to overcome individual, social and structural challenges. Melinda Du ToitSouth Africa is battling one of the highest unemployment rates worldwide. A concentrated number of unemployed people live i...

Melinda Du Toit·3 months ago

Joburg's Ground Breaking Entrepreneurs.

Seeing good even in the darkest adversity is a good trait to possesses. There is always a place between a rock and hard place and that place is called opportunity. While economic recession pushed people over the edge it also allowed ot...

Phumzile Mavimbela·about 2 months ago